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How to Make Gift Wrap

Updated on June 15, 2013

Making gift wrap adds a personal touch to any wrapped gift. Children especially enjoy making gift wrap out of paper making this an interactive project for the whole family. If you find yourself out of gift wrap with a few easy to find supplies and a great imagination you can make gift wrap out of paper.

Paper white or colored



Stamps and ink


Misc. findings


Step 1

Cut the paper to size. The size of the gift to be wrapped will determine the size you need to cut the paper. If you are making gift wrap to have on hand for future gifts cut the paper as big as possible or leave it at its original size. Gift wrap can always be cut down to size if needed.

Step 2

Decorate the paper. The decorations can vary to what you choose. Use paint to add free-form art or use sponge stamps dipped in paint to make a pattern or design on the paper. Stickers can be used to decorate the paper. If the gift wrap is themed, stickers with the character or theme on them add to the overall design of the gift wrap. Stamps and an ink pad can be used to make duplicate designs all over the gift wrap. Add a special touch to the stamped designs by coloring them with markers. Other findings like googly eyes, self adhesive gems, buttons and other small items can be glued on for added decoration. These extras should be put on the gift wrap after the gift is wrapped to prevent them form coming off during the wrapping process. The markers can be used to write messages on the paper. For example writing Happy Birthday several times in different colors and print. Using a combination of several methods makes very artistic wrapping paper.

Step 3

Wrap the gift or store the wrapping paper for future use. Rolling or folding the paper for storage will keep it ready for the next gift that you need to wrap.

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