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How to Make a Christmas Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Updated on October 17, 2013

Christmas paper flower garlands make a creative alternative to the traditional pine garland for Christmas decorating. Using either tissue or wrapping paper from the previous year when you are pulling out all your Christmas decorations. This is an easy project for both adults and children at home and in the classroom as a group activity.


Christmas wrapping or tissue paper

pipe cleaners


Step 1

Stack several sheets of paper. If you are using tissue paper use 5 to 10 sheets and wrapping paper 4 to 6 sheets. The sheets need to be about 8-inches square. You can make the flowers smaller by reducing the size of the sheets and larger by increasing the size of the sheets. Using different colors and patterns of Christmas wrapping and tissue paper make very colorful paper flowers.

Step 2

Fold the stack of paper in an accordion or fan fold the entire length.

Step 3

Secure the folding with a pipe cleaner in the center of the folded paper by twisting it tightly in place.

Step 4

Fan out and separate the folded paper on both sides. Be very gentle to avoid ripping th paper. This will create a paper flower.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1 through 4 until the desired number of flowers have been made.

Step 6

String the flowers onto a string side by side to create a Christmas paper flower garland. Hang and enjoy throughout the holiday season. Clipping the excess off the pipe cleaners when finished.

This project is ideal for a classroom having each student make a flower and making a garland out of the flowers.


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