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How to Make Your Own Stanley Cup

Updated on July 23, 2013

Why Make Your Own Cup

My kids wanted to carry a Stanley Cup in our hometown parade after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013. We needed a replica and the inflatable ones were unavailable in stores and online. After driving around to multiple stores I decided it would just be easier to make our own, and it ended up being much cheaper.

The Stanley Cup in progress

The Cup being painted
The Cup being painted | Source

Making a Stanley Cup

The hardest part of this project is finding the correct shapes to create the project. It is important to create a lightweight cup that all of the elements are a lightweight plastic.

Head to your local dollar store or even good will and look for plastic containers that will work together to make the rough shape.

Think thicker towards the bottom and moving towards the skinnier at the top. I found a great plastic decorative punch bowl made to look like crystal that made a wonderful top for the cup. I was able to find two different sized buckets, a chip in dip container, a small Tupperware type container, and a plastic punch bowl with crystal type detailing.

You can use whatever method you want to put them together. I think super bond would have worked but this version was simply duct taped together. I did one object at time and taped over each layer of the plastic wear to keep the different level s together.

Silver spray paint is a must for this project. The Stanley Cup is silver and a beautiful silver cup completes this project.

The Stanley Cup

The Cup is in the House
The Cup is in the House | Source


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Lord Stanley's Cup

Did you know??

The first cup was given out in 1893 to Montreal.

In 1915 two hockey organizations began battling for the cup.

The NHL does not actually own the cup or the full rights to the cups trademark.

The cup is prevented from growing larger even as new teams are added.

The current Stanley Cup does not actually have the original bowl on top.

The cup was not awar4ded in 1919 due to a Spanish Flue epidemic

The cup was also not awarded in 2005 due to the NHL lock out.

The cup was originally a decorative punch bowl the Lord Stanley purchased and had engraved.

In 1926 the NHL became the only league to use the cup.

Two trustees are in charge of the cup.

Cup trustees serve until their death.

There are many engraving errors and misspellings on the cup that have never been fixed.

Blackhawks Win!!

Hockey Fans

My house is filled with hockey fans, not the bandwagon hockey fans, but the ones that went to games for years before the black hawks were any good. We actually haven't been to any games in the last 4 years since they have been decent because now the tickets prices are higher and they are now on TV.

If you are a true fan you know all about how the Blackhawks were not televised during home games for years under Bill Wirtz. Now that he is gone we are able to bring in a younger generation of fans and revitalized the organization.

Celebrating with a Stanley Cup is a memory my kids will never forget and will keep them hockey fans for years to come.


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