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How to Make Your Own Cute Anime Kitty Hat

Updated on December 27, 2013
Finn & Cake, Halloween 2012
Finn & Cake, Halloween 2012
Finn & Jake, Halloween 2012
Finn & Jake, Halloween 2012

I love to crochet and my two favorite things to crochet are hats and amigurumi. So when I get to combine both I am a very happy camper.

For Halloween I happily crocheted hats for my son, my husband, so we could be characters in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. My son was Finn the human boy. My husband was Jake the Dog. I was Cake the Cat.

We got so many compliments! Not just from people who knew the show, but everyone. I was even commissioned to make a Cake hat for someone else.

So since everyone loved the hat so much, I decided to share how I made it, to inspire anyone who is interested to make their own. :)

Crochet Cake Adventure Time Hat
Crochet Cake Adventure Time Hat

How to Crochet a Beanie

How to Crochet a Circle

Cake the Cat Hat

I more recently wrote a Hub on how to crochet a cat ear headband or hat which includes a pattern for crochet cat ears, if you'd like to check that out. It's perfect for beginners!


  • White Yarn
  • Tan Yarn
  • Black and white thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Yarn needle
  • White and Black felt
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Crochet Hook


Start by creating a basic white beanie in the size you want. This is the most time consuming part in the whole process.

Crochet tan yarn in the round to create Cake's spots. It helps to look at Cake's pictures to get the size right. Using the yarn needle sew them into place.

To make ears crochet two circles in tan. Fold the circle in half and stitch shut. Then fold half circle in half and stitch shut again. Sew the ears on to the top of the head. It may help to pin it with the straight pins first to make sure their even and in the right place.

Take the white felt and cut two oval shapes. Cut it a little larger than you think you'll need so you can adjust the size without starting over. Use straight pins to place eyes on hat and stitch with white thread.

Take the black felt and cut out the pupils and the mouth. It may take a few tries to get it perfect.

Sew the mouthpiece on to the hat with black thread. Pin pupils on eyes and sew on with black thread.

There you have your Cake Hat!

Make It Your Own

You could use these same steps to make any kind of cat hat. Draw out the cat you want and adjust the steps to make your hat look like your design.

Additionally, you could make more catlike ears by crocheting larger circles, folding in half only once, and then stitching ears on to hat in a triangular shape.

For a catgirl (or boy) look, attach ears to a crocheted headband instead of a hat.

Nya!  Catgirl Sam!
Nya! Catgirl Sam!

Cat Ear Headband Tutorial

Catgirl Headband

Here's a quick and easy project you can do to create a cute catgirl (or catboy) headband. I made a bunch of these for my friends and for Anime Fest/Comiccon


  • Fuzzy fabric in the colour you want the ears to be.
  • Felt or fabric in the colour you want the inside of the ear (ie white, pink, gray, or black)
  • Headband (can get these at a beauty supply or dollar store for cheap)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sharpie


Cut two triangles the size you want your ears to be out of the felt/fabric for the inside of the ears.

Cut two larger triangles out of the furry fabric. For a more kitty shape, round out the outer sides of your triangles, and curve in the insides.

Line up the inner ear triangles with the furry triangles along the bottom and glue them down. Then fold over the excess on the sides of the furry ears down.

Let ears dry. The figure out where you want the ears to sit on your headband. Mark off the end points with a marker.

Hot glue tips of ears on to headband, curve the ears a bit as you glue them so they won't look flat. On another note, it may help to buy headbands the colour of your hair so it blends in more.

Let dry and wear with kitty pride!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Fleece AFK Hat from Gaiaonline and my Build-a-Bear Hello KittyMy sis rocking my Chobits Atashi Bunny HatFluffy Sock Bunny Hat
Fleece AFK Hat from Gaiaonline and my Build-a-Bear Hello Kitty
Fleece AFK Hat from Gaiaonline and my Build-a-Bear Hello Kitty
My sis rocking my Chobits Atashi Bunny Hat
My sis rocking my Chobits Atashi Bunny Hat
Fluffy Sock Bunny Hat
Fluffy Sock Bunny Hat

Fleece Hats

Before the recent knitted/crocheted character hat craze, fleece character hats were the go-to hats for anime fans that wanted to infuse their wardrobe with cute.

I myself have never sewn one, but I do own a couple fleece character hats that I love. They are so adorable, warm, and soft! I'm really going to have to add making my own to my list of To-Do Projects.

For now, check out these helpful tutorials.

As a personal note, when making these hats, I would suggest adding an additional lining for the inside of the hats--especially if you intend to sell them. Or at the very least, be mindful of what your stitched look like on the inside. I have been turned off by sloppy stitches in the past. If it's for you, it doesn't really matter since no one can see them. But if it's for someone else, keeping your hat neat looking shows care and attention to detail. Plus, lining makes the hats super warm and cozy in the winter.

Fleece Cat Hat

Tidier Fleece Cat Hat

Animal Hood

Hope these tutorials have inspired you to create something cute and amazing! Please feel free to share in the comments below!


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    • Kathryn Stratford profile image

      Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut

      That makes me wish I could crochet. Adorable!