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How to Make a Simple Beach Ball Pinata

Updated on February 14, 2017

Make Your Own Pinata

Bright colorful piñatas can be the key attraction at any party. Fill them with wrapped candies and small toys for children such as the multi-packs of party toys found in the giftwrap and party section of most retail stores. Items that would interest adults such as costume jewelry and small gadgets will be great. A large round piñata painted to look like a huge beachball will delight everyone. Most people think of piñatas as a Mexican tradition, but they were also used in China many years ago.

Supplies Needed

Large beach ball, inflatable

Flour,5-6 cups

Water, 1 gallon

Mixing container

Newspaper strips

Spray paint or acrylic craft paints and brushes

Ribbon or cord


Homemade Paste

Blow up the beach ball until it is fully inflated. The size of the ball you will need depends on the number of guests who may take part in smashing the piñata. A larger piñata will hold more prizes.

Stir flour into the gallon of water in the mixing container until you have a soupy, slightly thick mixture. Tear the newspaper into strips from the center fold of the page to the outside edge.

More or less flour may be used.

Applying the Paper Strips

Place several of the strips into the flour and water mixture until they are wet.

Place the beach ball on the table so that the air opening is at the top. Smooth the wet strips onto the ball until it is completely covered. Do not cover the spot where the air opening is. This opening should be at least 2 inches wide.

Finishing With Paste

Continue adding wet strips in a uniform manner until you have put on at least 4 layers of strips. Use your hand or a large brush to apply a final coat of the flour-and-water mixture to the entire outside of the piñata.

Removing the Beach Ball

Allow the piñata to dry for 3 or 4 days. Pull the plug on the air opening and let the air out of the beach ball.

Remove the beach ball being careful not to damage the pinata.

Spray paint the entire pinata in your choice of colors. The color should match other colors in the party theme.You can also use acrylic craft paints to make it really colorful. Do not paint the inside.

Allow the paint to dry.

Treat Time

Punch 2 holes in the top of the pinata on either side of the center hole. Insert a long ribbon or cord for hanging.

Fill the pinata with treats by inserting them into the top opening. Many items can be purchased in multi-packs at most retail stores in the party and gift wrap area.

Tie a colorful bow around the cord at the top to cover the area where the cords attach to the ball.

Balloon Pinata

Fun for Pets and Adults

Pinatas aren't just for children. They can be a fun party game for adults as well.

They could also be used for pets such as dogs and cats.. Who has not seen a puppy or kitten tear into a package or paper bag. If they know there is a treat inside they won't hesitate to tear it right up!


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