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How to Share your Photographs on Flickr

Updated on June 19, 2013
That Grrl profile image

Laura has been photographing historical, abandoned, and rural ruins in Ontario since getting her first digital camera in 2006.

Flickr isn't for everyone but I happen to really enjoy the banter, the photo sharing and the massive, endless selection of groups there. You can think of almost anything, no matter how crazy or odd, and there will likely be a Flickr group for it.

I wish I could add links to some of my favourites and the groups I run myself. But, we can't add more than two links to a site on HubPages and I've used my quota up before I hardly started writing this post. So, just use your imagination and go over there. See what you can find. Your own voyage of photographic discovery.

The Flickr Uploadr - Find it in Flickr Tools

How to Use the Flickr Uploadr

Using the Flickr Uploadr makes adding photos from your computer to Flickr very easy.

Just login to your account at Flickr and open the Uploadr. The first time you use it there are extra steps to give permissions and save your login.

Start by dragging images into the side panel of the Uploadr. So far I haven't found a limit to how many you can add but they take awhile to load the more you have in the batch. Next, highlight all the photos - I just left click then drag my computer's mouse over the photos to highlight them all, and then click the Add button at the top.

Then you choose where the photos are going to be put. I have sets and collections set up for different themes and styles of photos and illustrations.

You can add title, description and tags to your photos as a batch. Whatever you put in here will be on ALL the photos. So I leave out descriptions and just add them individually.

When you have your titles and etc. done just click Create Set and wait for the Uploadr to finish uploading.

The Creative Commons Options on Flickr


Using Flickr Photos - Commercial vs. Non-Commercial

Just because a photo on Flickr lets people use the photo with an attribution does not mean it is okay to post them on HubPages, or any other site which sells ads or has the intent to make money. Any photo which says it is for Non-Commercial use only should not be used on HubPages. Even if you are not making money on your post, this is a commercial use of the photo.

Create a Flickr Badge to Show Photos on your Blog

Getting Help Once you are on Flickr

It's not hard to find the Help/ FAQ page for Flickr. If you get lost just scroll to the bottom of your screen and there it is, right in the middle of the footer under the Help subheading. I will try to give you the basic information but, there is always something extra or individual to you which may come up.

Flickr Guides in Book Form


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    • photostudiosupply profile image

      photostudiosupply 5 years ago from Rochester, New York

      Helpful & Interesting hub for submitting photos on Flickr.

    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      Thank you for your comments. Flickr has been one of my favourite places online since 2006 when I began posting my photos there.

    • Living Well Now profile image

      Living Well Now 5 years ago from Near Indianapolis

      Flickr is a useful source for copyleft photos. I appreciate the community and their work. I like the way you've built hubs around the topic. They're well-written and informative.

    • Sherry Hewins profile image

      Sherry Hewins 5 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

      Interesting hub, although I often use photos from Flickr, I've never posted them to Flickr. Thanks for the other perspective.