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How to make ponytail streamers

Updated on April 22, 2015

How to Make Ponytail Streamers

Minute Lace for your Lass

Being pretty has always been one of the main concerns of our little girls nowadays. These cute baby ladies would prefer spending the day sneaking into those mommy bag stuffs and put it in their face than to wait for their cookies and milk to be served. Even the closet could be the target of their princess fantasies and stand in front of the mirror saying: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest among all?”

As parents, you do not have the reasons to say no to their simple prerogative, right? With their favor at hand, you do all stuffs of beautifying them. One way to simply start this process is from their heads themselves – their hairs! The hair is the easiest to manage, style, and have it look good. One way to do this is to tie those shiny black or blonde hairs with fashionable ponytail streamers.


Making Ponytail Streamers

Ponytail streamers are personalized ribbons designed for every ponytail and could vary in length. They are of various designs, too. It’s not just making a knot at your ponytail and you have your streamer already. To achieve beautiful and durable streamers, one must consider the proper way of preparing it. Here are the steps to have those ponytail streamers right at your every girl or teenage hairs, done within minutes!

What you Need
Ponytail band
Ribbons of varying print colors or design patterns
Fabric Glue

What to Do

Measure it out. First, you need to consider how long the ribbon should be, that is why there is no fixed measurement stated above. There is no definite measurement for every ponytail streamer, the apparent reason is that YOU are the one making the ponytail, you are free to choose if you want it the simple shorter, or the more sophisticated long one.

A recommended measurement for a ribbon would be twice the length as how you want the ribbon come out of the ponytail. Multiply the measurement of the hair by two if you want the ribbon to level with the hair’s length. You could have some ribbon clumps by adding a few inches, about two to three more. To achieve a knot, you need to make an allowance of an inch to the ribbon measurement.

Putting the laces on. After having the measurements set, next is to prepare those streamers. To avoid lace fraying, you need to put some fabric glue into each end of the ribbon. It is not necessary to put generous amount of fabric just to ensure the lace won’t have fray, only a lining would do.

Prepare your ponytail band for the laces to be tied on. Finally, knot the middle of the ribbons into the ponytail band. If you want to have one spot to which the ribbons flow out, then tie them simultaneously. On the other hand, making a streamers’ lining could also be done by tying the laces one at a time.

Your little girl will surely have the feeling of a princess after having this step-by-step ponytail streamer making! Not only that, even teens and young at heart could try this one, anywhere, and at anytime!


How to Make a Pony O


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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 6 years ago

      Thanks Ebower :-)

      Glad you enjoyed it :-)

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      These are cute for kids or stylish for sports fans. I voted this up and awesome!