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Huge List of 103 Web Design Trends of 2014

Updated on July 1, 2014
Hottest Web Design Trends of 2014
Hottest Web Design Trends of 2014

Web Design is Evolving

Web design is evolving, in fact it has already evolved with so many design trends to see. Designers are coming with different innovative ideas which are changing “How Web Looks?”. While some are coming with new ideas, many are just adopting the designs trends. For example, the flat UI design with solid colors which was presented first by Microsoft in Windows 8 has been adopted by almost the whole web, even by Apple in its iOS 7.

A very little of designers now choose gradients, textures, large shadows, colorful images and icons, image buttons in their web design. The two benefits of flat design which has made it so popular in just few months are

  • It is clean, user friendly, professional, sophisticated and still creative.
  • It adapts to the all size screens easily because of the variable size nature of elements.

Why I said that it adapts to the all screen sizes because the solid color is used in background of the design elements using CSS which is scalable without any issue.

The Flat design is just one of the 100s of web design trends of 2014, however instead of listing all those 100s of design trends, here I’m listing the top 45 design trends of 2014. Click on links to see examples.

  1. Non-boring typography
  2. Flat Design
  3. Large hero areas quickly killing sliders
  4. Heavier focus on mobile
  5. Videos in place of text
  6. Long scrolling sites
  7. Simple color schemes
  8. Simplified content
  9. Dropping the sidebar
  10. Manipulated imagery
  11. Responsiveness
  12. Minimalism
  13. One-Page Scrolling
  14. Fixed Navigation
  15. Parallax
  16. SVG Animation
  17. Grid-Style Layouts
  18. Crafty Image Captions
  19. Extended Form Elements
  20. Deeply-Focused Landing Pages
  21. HTML5 Video Players
  22. 3D Transition Effects
  23. Personal Portraits
  24. Lazy-Loading Animations
  25. Mega-Navigation Menus
  26. Expanding Search Bars
  27. Featured Detail Lists
  28. HTML5 Canvas
  29. Pixel Sprites & Browser Games
  30. Quick User Registration
  31. CSS3 Animated Keyframes

Some small trends we are seeing in websites of 2014 are

  1. Content carousels
  2. Overly large hero images
  3. Overused stock photos
  4. Autoplay videos
  5. Automated popups
  6. Advertising sidebars
  7. “Hello world” blog posts
  8. Reloading pages
  9. Modal windows with hidden or tiny close commands
  10. Loading screens
  11. Small font sizes
  12. Long shadows
  13. Hipster icons and logos
  14. Icons to describe things visually

Below are the resources I have compiled to show you the hottest web design trends you will see or already seeing in 2014

List of 25 hottest web design trends:

Top 10 trends to watch out in 2014:

List of top 10 design trends for 2014:

10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2014:

20 hottest web design trends to watch out for in 2014:

18 pivotal web design trends for 2014:

Top 10 web design trends of 2014:

Now, if you are not a web designer or a person looking to get new website designed for your business, you may not understand many of the things above. Instead find a company that provides professional web design services and ask them to implement the best of the above in your website.

BONUS: 5 Web design trends to say goodbye in 2014:


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