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Indian Handicrafts - Part 3

Updated on February 26, 2015

As I was narrating about my visit to a crafts exhibition in India in my last two parts

Indian Handicrafts Part 1

Indian Handicrafts Part 2

In this hub also I will continue my few more experiences on crafts exhibition.

Tanjore Paintings

Fantastic !! Isn't ? . As you can see the paintings glitter all over the places, which enhances its beauty.. unlike in any other paintings, in Tanjore paintings, they use glittering gold foils embossed for glittering purpose, hence it is bit costly and adds a special divinity to the picture. In fact most of their paintings depict some kind of divine actions, God or Goddess. They include glass beads, precious and semi-precious gems too.

These paintings mostly come in a wooden plank frames, sometimes decorated too, which elevates its beauty still more.

Go Green- Mat paintings

Fabulous paintings on woven grass mat, these are oil paintings. Usually visitors buy them to decorate their living room, because they look fancy , elegant and simple at the same time. Since it is made out of grass , it is considered to be an eco-friendly and thus it is been popularly bought by Go-green lovers!!

Cheriyal Paintings (AP)

Cheriyal folk paintings express the narrative format through the rich color schemes are popularly done in Andhra Pradesh, these paintings use traditional techniques, based on the themes of great epics.

As you can see in this stall, these paintings are imprinted in various kinds of wall hangings or lamp shades, not just as a paintings. Since these paintings are taken into creative & useful articles, these precious paintings can still able to live with us.

Small clay articles

Beautiful small clay arts !! They are very cute and perfect for a show case toy collectors. My friend is busy purchasing (Bargaining !! ) from the vendor.

There were small pots, small light lamps in flower shapes, light lamps with cover for the same which has designed holes to spread the light. Decorated and glittered fish for Vastu (A superstitious belief on particular house designing)

Sea Shell hangings & chandeliers

Artful Sea shell decors !! There were plenty of shell crafts in this stall, there were many chandeliers , wall hangings, photo frames, mirror frames, door beads, window drapes etc, all completely made out of beautiful sea shell. It was a pleasure looking at these half white pretty stuffs.

It was a valuable experience on visiting this crafts exhibition, I have got chances to explore various Indian crafts and paintings, most of which I have shared in my hubs.

Keep reading !!


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    • ramsblog profile image

      ramsblog 2 years ago

      Thanks Jayakumari !! Yes she bought lot of items, we both loved visiting it together :-)

    • ramsblog profile image

      ramsblog 3 years ago

      Thanks Jeni, Yes Please do visit them !!.

    • ramsblog profile image

      ramsblog 3 years ago

      Thanks Deepa :-)

    • profile image

      Rajeswari.R 3 years ago

      Vera nice,thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Jayakumari 3 years ago

      Nice article madam.. did your frnd buy anything there?

    • profile image

      Jeni 3 years ago

      The crafts are really nice !! I wish to go to these kinds of exhibitions. Thanks for sharing the info, Keep writing :-)

    • profile image

      Deepa 3 years ago

      Interesting !!