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Kids Art Education Importance

Updated on October 22, 2011

The wise people used to say that the key purpose of education is to transform minds from empty to open ones.  Education, in kid’s mental growth, is a very important and vital ingredient. Studying mathematics, physics, computers, biology, chemistry and other ‘working’ subjects, we think, are best to make a kid educated. We always consider the technical side of education and ignored the creative part of it.

What Is Arts Education? 

Arts education is educating child about drawing, sketching, coloring, painting, crafts and other works related to these. Education related to performing arts, drama, music, dance and theatre also comes under the heading of arts education. Though many do not consider it important but Arts education plays an exceptionally essential, extremely significant and vital role in improving mental approach and character building.

Importance Of Arts Education for Kids

Arts education for kids is very important. It helps then to be complete human beings. It teaches creativity, patience, imaginations and acceptance of other’s work.

Most of the parents, while selecting educational set of courses for their kid, give priority to mathematics and sciences and consider arts as just an extra option. But the fact is that arts education helps kids in visualizing things more vividly. This helps in understanding mathematical and scientifically concepts.   

Arts Education and Imaginations

Arts education helps students in imagining things. When a kid is asked to draw a carrot or color a pigeon the kid has to make an image of carrot of pigeon or anything is asked to draw or color in his mind. Imaginations boost their mental ability to understand concepts more clearly. As experts use to say that if a kid could imagine any concept it correctly then he would not forget it after class.

Arts Education And Creativity

Creativity is the basic need of every subject. To study mathematics you have to be creative formulas and numbers. To study sciences one has to be creative with chemicals. To study physics one has to creative with laws and assumptions.

All these subjects need creativity but the subject that makes kids creative is Arts. Arts teach kids to creative with colors and paints. Arts teach students to be creative with lines and shapes. It teaches to creatively cut paper into different shapes.

Creativity is needed everywhere, in every subject. But arts education is the only subject which teaches how to be creative.

Arts Education and Brain Activity

It has been proved that arts education helps to keep brain active. If kids would be introduce to drawing, music, dance and drama in early stages it would help the kids in keeping their brain active by means of imagining things, making new contrasts and combinations and composing new tunes. 

Arts Education and Clarity of Thoughts

Arts education helps kids to think clearly on things they are taught. It helps more in understanding assumptions and concepts. Though people give priority to mathematics and sciences, but the fact is that arts education helps more make a kid logical and provides clarity in thoughts by giving visual image for every concept.

Arts Education and Inventions

Arts education develops and nurtures the creativity, creativity is responsible for every new invention. Arts education helps kids in inventing new ideas and doing old things with new methods. Imaginations are the very first from of every inventions and arts education aids brain abilities to turn imaginations into practical inventions.

Arts Education and Self-Discipline

Arts education does not help in improving brain powers but it also helps in Arts taught patience and self-discipline. By giving some safe meanings of expressions arts taught self-discipline. It is important for kid to learn safe and disciplined ways of expressions, and arts education helps in this most. It gives control to extreme emotions and let them know about save ways of expression. It improves strength of will.

Arts Education and Self-Esteem

Arts Education improves self-esteems and boost confidence in kids. Arts education gives confidence to kids to express their selves in a better manner and expression of own self boosts confidence in kids. This confidence would help them rest of their studies and life. Arts education helps a lot in giving confidence to kids.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Whenever your kid does some artistic work, do courage him and courage him whole heartedly.


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    • Abbie Marshall profile image

      Abbie Marshall 7 years ago from The Coast of Northern New England

      So many people forget that creativity contributes to intelligence too, not just memorizing facts. The arts are so important to all children. Thanks for your hub!