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Man Cave Wall Art: Art and Posters, Mirrors, Wall Pictures

Updated on May 12, 2011
The Man Cave
The Man Cave

Man Cave Wall Art: Art and Posters, Mirrors, Wall Pictures

A man cave isn't complete without some good wall art, posters, and mirrors to add to the decor of a well groomed man cave.

A lot of times the walls of the man cave get decorated with different signs, posters or mirrors that are collected along the way with no special concern for style but rather just adding anything to give the walls some flavor.

This can be what separates every man cave uniqueness to each style and makes the room what it is.

If although some time is taken to add a few special items to the walls, then this can help offset the room giving it a great appeal.

There are a huge selection of nice wall art and posters to add to any man cave. This hub will describe some of the framed mirrors, framed pictures and other wall signs that might be a good addition to the cave.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are a favorite in any room really. They give off a nice refection of sparkle that serve 2 purposes.

One is design on the mirror with a fancy frame around it and two it can be used to see just how good looking you are because it serves as a mirror.

Favorite Sporting Event Mirrors

These types of mirrors come with favorite sports teams emblems, racing fans like those of Dale Earnhardt and more have the option of framed mirrors.

Baseball, hockey, football, basketball, soccer just about any sports team imaginable has a great framed mirror with their team logo on it.

Card Game Players And Beer Drinkers

Card game players or beer drinkers have a good selection of mirrors to choose from to add to the other great decorations on the walls of the man cave. If you have a favorite beer or card game then you might think about hanging up a nice mirror with a cool painting on it.

Mountain Scenes

Its always a good choice adding some mountain scenery posters or framed art work to the man room. These types of mountain wall posters can give the room a touch of outdoor feeling.

They especially go well with that country cabin theme that a lot of man cave game rooms gear towards.

That country outdoor getaway that feels like your in the mountain tops in a cozy little cabin far from civilization yet all the comforts of modern day at your finger tips.

Animal Pictures

Having some deer or elk standing in the forest or maybe a pond full of ducks with a nice frame around it brings in the nature that many love to see.

What about a bald eagle or maybe some grizzly bears thats sure to bring the manly cave a growling appearance.

Snowy Ridges

Snow covered Alps or the Rocky Mountains,The Grand Titans or Mt Everest are all examples of some of the mountain snowy scenes that add some flavor to the walls of the man room but also are great for setting up a good environment to look at while spending time in your favorite spot.   

Sport Posters

Most guys love a great poster of there all-time favorite boxer or basketball player. There really are so many to choose from that sometimes we have more  than one favorite or a favorite in each sport. There are no rules on this thats for sure.

Whats nice about ports posters is that they are relatively cheap but can be displayed proudly around the man cave because generally nobody will second guess your decision on who you choose to display on the walls of the cave.

If they do second guess you then they just might get banned from the man cave. 

Sexy Girl Posters

Now if hot sexy girl posters is what you need than by all means its not hard to find some hot girl wall posters to plaster the walls with.

Since the beginning of time men enjoy looking at woman so having some beautiful women around the man cave all the time is harmless. Its nice to have a few babes around to watch as you shoot some pool or play those favorite games.

If you like girls and hot babes why not put up some of the hottest babes on the planet today with some hot girl posters.

Best Beer Signs

What man cave is complete without a couple of nice decorative beer signs.

Even those who don't drink beer often enjoy the beer signs just to add that extra comfort of a homey bar like atmosphere.

These help give off the party style that makes a man cave not only enjoyable when spending time alone but adds more enjoyment when having a few friends over for some cocktails and a movie or game of darts.

Decorating the walls of the game room or man room doesn't take a lot of planning to add great art work and signs.

The important part is just filling the blank walls with anything that has some color to wood paneling or flat white painted surfaces.

Whatever the style of the walls and if it doesn't bother anyones taste then a couple cool beer signs help liven up the walls.

Some Other Ideas For the DVD Player

In the man cave having a good selection of DVD's for entertainment with friends or for viewing while just hanging out in the man room for the day or night by yourself.

Its always good to have some girlie DVD's to help pass the time while enjoying a cool beverage and kicking back in the favorite lounge chair or taking a load off and lying down on the sofa or futon.

These DVD's like Girls Gone Wild are perfect eye candy for watching as these college chicks run wild through the hot summer beaches during spring break.

These and many more other DVD's just make spending time in the man cave that much better. 

Good sports videos like football or car racing make for good times. Even those hunting DVD's that can be watched over and over never becoming bored with.

Thats whats good about the man cave is total control over the DVD player and the remote plus throwing in a quick nap with no bothers after sucking down a couple of cold beers. 

Man Cave Signs

Some cool signs that are popular is the man cave sign.

Showing others that this is a man cave adds a spark of humor but also can show others you are serious about owning up to your man cave designs.

These signs make a great gift for someone who likes to spend time in their man cave plus they add some reading and conversation pieces to the walls of the man room.


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  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

    surlyoldcat Absolutely if you can arrange a man corner in the space provided then by all means man do it!! Man needs his space. Thanks for the vote

  • profile image

    surlyoldcat 7 years ago

    Living in an apartment with the little lady kinda makes it hard to have a man cave. Would a Man-corner suffice? No art there, but it can be arranged.

    Nicely written voted up.

  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

    Fiddleman Thanks, Hope you're having fun decorating the fiddle cave. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. WP

  • profile image

    Fiddleman 7 years ago

    Great hub