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Man Cave Clothing

Updated on April 26, 2015
Leather Vest
Leather Vest

Man Cave Clothing

So what type of clothing does one wear in the man cave these day. Pretty much anything goes while spending time in the man cave because there is no dress code.

Man cave clothing can consist of what ever makes the man happy while spending time in the cave relaxing or doing his favorite hobby.

One good saying for shirts is "What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave". Some really like the muscle t-shirts while others prefer a flannel shirt.

Like most when spending time in the man cave having clothing that is loose and comfortable like a comfortable pair of sweatpants or jeans. Depending on the weather climate or the temperature in the man cave some enjoy a relaxing pair of cut off shorts or knee camo pant shorts.


Every man wears t-shirts and can never really have enough to wear either at work around the house or while spending valuable time in the man room.

T-shirts worn by men typically have a logo or favorite saying on the front or back.

Although the plain white muscle t-shirts are very popular among the men to show off the hard earned muscles obtained while working.


Having plenty of hats is another piece of man cave clothing that is also universal because it not only can be worn while in the cave but if needed can be worn out in the garage, in the basement, working in the yard or even worn to work.

If you wear hats then having a special man cave hat just sets the tone while spending time doing your favorite activities in the cave. Caps also make great gifts for the man that has everything.

Flannel Shirts

Most men have at least one flannel shirt in their wardrobe to wear. Choosing a good flannel isn't hard mainly the ones that men prefer are in one of their favorite colors.  


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