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Melty Bead MineCraft Creeper Face Perler

Updated on November 24, 2015

Creeper Face

My daughter (age 7) and I started making Minecraft Creeper faces with melty beads a few months ago. She is a huge Minecraft fan so anything and everything associated with it excites her. I'm not thrilled with her playing the game excessively, so having Minecraft themed crafts to do pleases the both of us.

Things you will need

Black and green melty beads for Creeper face
Black and green melty beads for Creeper face
Marked melty bead board
Marked melty bead board

Marking the board

Marking the board is going to make the entire process easier. If you use a sharpie, the board is permanently marked so if you want to make more than one, it will speed up the process.

The board I have is perfectly square. It has 15 pegs (where you put the beads) horizontally and 15 pegs vertically. Everything about the Creeper face is perfectly square. His outline, his eyes, his mouth etc. This is why marking the board makes your life so easy. I'm not very good at eyeballing things and marking the board means he will be perfectly square each and every time with no guesswork.

The detailed instructions below about which pegs to mark might be easier if you simply look at the picture of the marked pegs. But for those who want or need it, I've written out the exact instructions below.

For a 15x15 peg board:

Starting at the very top left of the board, mark 10 pegs black vertically along the edge and 10 horizontally along the edge. Now that you have two sides of your square, continue to mark out the other 2 sides so you have a perfect square.

For the Face:

Eyes: Now that you have an outlined square to work within, start at the very first peg you marked, go down three and over three. Mark the third and fourth peg black and the two underneath them. You now have a perfect square for the left eye. Skip the fifth and sixth peg and mark the seventh and eight black as well as the two below them. Now you have two eyes.

Nose: Starting at the very beginning top left again, count down 5 pegs and over 5 pegs. Mark the fifth and sixth peg black and the 2 pegs below them. Now you have the nose done.

Mouth: Starting at the very beginning peg again, go down 7 pegs and over 4. Mark peg 4 and 7 (5 and 6 should already be marked). You should have a horizontal line of 4 black pegs. Mark the 4 below those pegs as well. Now you should have 2 horizontal black lines of 4 each. On the 2nd black line starting at the first peg, mark the peg below it. At the end of the 2nd horizontal line, mark the peg below it. That's it!

Putting on the beads

Since you have already marked the board, the hardest part is already over. You are now ready to start putting the beads in. The grand majority of the Creeper face is green. The only black beads are for the face. The outline of the square is just for reference. Although you could do variations of outlining him with black and then filing him in with green. The other thing you can do is create a "negative" image. You just put green beads for black and black for green. Also, if you have a girl Mindcraft lover like me who loves pink, you can make a black and pink creeper face! My daughter is thrilled with this plan but we are out of pink right now.

The final step

After you have put all your beads in place, take your wax paper and cover him. Hopefully you have a nice flat piece of wax paper. The first time I made a creeper face I used a piece of wax paper that was folded. When I unfolded it, there were creases in it and those showed up on my final project. So try not to use anything with creases. I use my iron on the hottest setting with no steam. Your iron will probably cover his whole face but you should still move the iron around to make sure he gets melted evenly.

Just move the iron around on top of him for a few minutes. I like to pull up a corner and peek underneath to see if everything looks good. If not, I just keep ironing until he's ready.

What to do with finished project

You can use your finished Creeper face in a Minecraft themed birthday party gift bag. I find a lot of the Minecraft items are overpriced. There's also not a lot of party themed items available...virtually none at the local party store.

You could make him into a necklace with some yarn. This highly depends on the gender and age of the child. My 7 year old daughter loves the idea. Any older or male and probably not so much.

Add a pin to the back of him and put him on a cork board.

Put a magnet on the back of him for use on the fridge.

Overall, my daughter is simply happy with making them and keeping them. She has enjoyed melty beads before she even knew of Minecraft.

There are also some awesome videos on youtube showing you how to do just about anything Minecraft with the beads. I've seen a pickax, swords, pigs etc... See video down below for more.

Minecraft Pick Ax Tutorial


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