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My Crafting through the Years

Updated on September 13, 2011
My forever crochet afghan
My forever crochet afghan

When it comes to crafts, there are a wide variety of different crafts that you may decide to try your hand at. How you decide which one can be one of the more difficult things to do. Maybe you pick a craft that you remember your parents or grandparents doing. Maybe it is one that your friends do. Maybe it is a craft you have always admired and that you want to learn yourself. It doesn’t matter which one of these you decide to go with, it’s just important that you pick a craft and that you start.

Crochet Recommendation


For me, I learnt how to crochet when I was little. I remember always being interested in different crafts and playing with all sorts of things. As I got older, I wanted to learn to crochet as it was what my mom was doing. She already had the crochet supplies required – hooks and yarn. I remember having troubles with making the chain to start a project, but beyond that, I was fine to get going. I even attempted an ambitious project, the afghan you see in this article picture. This took me probably 20 years to finish, a bit at a time when I was feeling ambitious. It is wide enough for a double bed but I am using it as a couch blanket.

Knitting Recommendation

400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Essential Stitch Patterns
400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary of Essential Stitch Patterns

This book is in my personal collection of knitting stitches. Great for reference.



I remember my mom trying to teach me how to knit when I was little as well, but it was not something that I connected with. But as an adult, I decided that this was a craft I wanted to get into and be able to say that I can do. As a result, I ended up finding the knitting needles that I inherited from my mother and went and found some YouTube videos to help me get started. I learnt how to do the knit stitch and then I joined a craft group to learn how to purl.


When I was little, a huge craft trend was working with gimp which was like plastic string that was made into bracelets of different types of styles. My dad actually was best at showing me how to work with this material as it was around when he was a kid. The trickiest element of the gimp was making sure the strings didn’t get twisted as it could cause problems.


There are also other miscellaneous crafts that I have done. I remember doing needlepoint as a young girl, which is a craft that my grandpa showed me how to do. I never accomplished many projects but remember my grandpa working on huge canvases in the living room at his house. I think I did complete one or two projects but they were tiny. I still have an 8 x 10 inch flower project floating around somewhere.


I got into scrapbooking many years ago after I got married. I wanted to do something with my photos beyond putting them in an album and having them gather dust. Scrapbooking was huge at the time so I found a local store and was quickly addicted. Over the last few years I have not done as much as in the past, partly due to getting back into yarn crafts and the group that I scrapbooked with fell apart.

FIMO and Sewing

I also remember working with FIMO which was clay that you baked to set it. I did do a bit of sewing as well, with my first project being created in the middle of the night at a sleepover, and it did not fit the doll I made it for. My mom showed me how to rescue it the next day so that nothing was being wasted.

The morale of this story, if you can say there is one, is that no matter your age, chances are you can find a craft that will work for you but it may take a few tries to find the right one. I still have crafts that I want to try out such as quilting.

Do you do any crafting?

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    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      I think I'm a bit of a serial crafter too, although knitting has never been my thing, my gran taught me when I was young but I never got into it. I have enjoyed glass painting, silk painting, papercrafts of all sorts and jewellery making though! Great hub

    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 6 years ago from Canada

      you should, its fun! :)

    • amymarie_5 profile image

      amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

      I've been thinking about taking up jewelry making. I was never good at needlepoint or knitting. My grandmother always would try to teach me but I could never get the hang of it.

    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 6 years ago from Canada

      ebookshack... there were years when I never even touched that afghan which is why it took so long. knitting is trickier with the 2 needles. i haven't figured out how to work it with 4 needles!

      brenda.. ooh.. I forgot plastic canvas. I have worked with that too

    • profile image

      Brenda Marie 6 years ago

      I enjoy making needlepoint and plastic canvas creations for those who are close to me at Christmas. I currently have 5 projects in the works for 2011.

    • ebookshack profile image

      Melanie Bremner 6 years ago from Canada

      I too tried knitting both when I was younger and as an adult. I guess I wasn't coordinated enough though because I never could get the hang of it when crocheting was so much easier for me. I am not the greatest at crochet either and it takes me like 3 months or more to make a simple scarf and I have a pair of slippers I started last Christmas that are only about 1/4 of the way done.

      My problem is reading the patterns and instructions. While I know what the codes/short forms stand for in most cases, I find it too hard to just put together.

      I have done some sewing in the past. I used to make cloth dolls with my sister when we were teenagers and when I was in high school I attempted to make a bathingsuit which was quite the feat with all of that stretchy material. Now, I just stick to simple things that don't require pleats, tough material, or elastic since these were my tough spots.

      Normally though, my crafts consist of things I can paint(pottery is always fun), glue(I like making various things like flower stick characters, styrofoam snowmen, egg carton caterpillars, and more with my 2 pre-schoolers),and have just gotten into the bedazzler and the fun that can be made there.

      I don't know if I could have lasted 20 years for that afghan like you did there though. Good job!