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My Pencil Sketches Hub

Updated on January 17, 2011

I love drawing and spend every free minute I have doing more, here are a few of my Pencil sketches that I have done with a bit of information on the drawing and the circumstances when drawing it. I will probably add more drawings over time, please enjoy!

MP3 Player Model

This is one of my favorites!
This is one of my favorites!

Fade Away

I named this drawing Fade Away, it's supposed to resemble the fact that when your listening to a really good song the world around you just fades away.

This is a drawing I did a little while ago now, I used an model from my MP3 player box for reference, but I tried to capture a different look then the model herself... so if you went looking it would not look like her. I really enjoy drawing people who have a mellow emotion, a relaxed feeling of enjoyment. This is my favorite emotion to draw... mostly because I like that feeling myself, just enjoying the music while the world around you fades away.

This was done before I started using any of the special pencils like 4B and 6B ect so it is done completely in the tone of a HB pencil. I used my hands for blending and shading, this was difficult and took me over two hours but worth it. I see anatomy flaws in the drawing, especially the lips and hands... practice makes perfect though!

Inspired By Coffee

Just enjoying my coffee...
Just enjoying my coffee...

Just Enjoying My Coffee...

I drew this drawing after running out of coffee and not being able to get more for a few days, I thought I would go crazy! :) After finally getting more coffe in the house I decided to draw this, just inspired by how I felt right then.

I intended for this drawing to be more shaded then it turned out, not only did I go lightly on the shading by hand, my scanner also made it even lighter, which is one of the main reasons use ink over anything else as my prefered media for drawing. This girl was drawn in a style somewhere inbetween realistic and manga... it was more edging towards realisim though. Again anatomy correction should be pointed out and next time put in order. The lips again are a bit of a strugle for me but I am working on them, and as always hands are difficult, I erased about a dozen times before I settled with this result.

Lovin' and Livin'

I'm obsessed with drawing people listening to music!
I'm obsessed with drawing people listening to music!

Livin' The Dream, Lovin' The Music

This drawing was inspired by a new song I found that I really enjoyed listening to, although I didn't have as much time to draw this as I would have liked to. As you can tell I moved from the head down the the body as it is quite obvious the head is where I spent the majority of my time on while moving down to the body my quality wet down because we had to leave. I should have put the drawing to the side to finish later but I really dislike leaving drawings unfinished since I not often go back to finish them.

Again the mood of the drawing is relaxed, away from the world kind of feeling. The anatomy errors on this are easy to see but I'll have to say that: the fingers on the right hand of the girl are drawn in a unrealistic way, the lips are sketchy, the shoulders look out of proportions and the arms as well. This was done in HB pencil, again before I started using the special pencils, now I'm getting the hang of them! This drawing was drawn in a smaller scale then you see it here, maybe half the size of the size you are viewing.

Unnamed Project Character

This is an original character from a project I am currently working on.
This is an original character from a project I am currently working on.

Unnamed Manga Girl: Project Art

This is a character from a manga project I am currently working on, not much worked out right now so there is not a lot to say about this project it's self.

The character is as of yet unnamed, this scene is from the begining of the strip I was writing. The scene plays out as an alarm waking the girl up and her sitting up quickly... it did not turn out as I had imagnied but none the less I like it! I am especially proud of her hands, for once they look almost anatomly correct! This is my little brother's favorite. (6 Y/O)

This is the first time I started using the special artist's pencils my great grandmom got me for Christmas, I used the HB, 2B, 4B and 9B the most in this drawing. Being my first attempt with these pencil I think it turned out pretty well! 

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