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Painting With Breast, An Original Ideas

Updated on August 15, 2011

Again, I am not getting bored to talk about art and all subject related with beauty. This is to remind me about how the world is beautiful and full of many talented people who gave their dedication in art work. This time I will talk about painting. This topic never end and always interesting. We can share many ideas through painting. Some people said express your idea by drawing something. We can know the strong and weak of the brushes strokes. We can know how the feeling at that time, happy or sad. I often heard that painting was become a good therapy to release stress and also depression.

By this hub I want to share something unique about painting style. What kind of media we can use to paint? I believe the answer is brushes or palette. But this person uses unique media. I often heard many times about this quotes “We can success if we make something different, don’t try imitates others, that makes us bigger in our life”. That’s why this woman tried to make differences in her painting style. I know this could be surprising us, especially for men. This woman uses her breast as a tool to make beautiful paintings. Again….breast, there’s a little question in our mind, are you kidding? I am not making a joke, this is true. Is she doesn't has other tool? And the answer is she wants to make a difference. Sometimes people love something weird or unique. They more appreciate with kind of the unique things.

Up close and personal with Kira Ayn Varszegi

She was a talented artist who use her breast to make beautiful painting. I thought she choose an abstract stream. Her name is Kira Ayn Varszegi, 34 years old. She comes from Connecticut, USA. She is totally different, when the other painters using brushes or palette as a tool but she uses her 38DD breast. She was start his painting style since 2001. She has created thousand of painting. All her art work has sold at the online store. She has online painting store,

Kira Ayn Varszegi uses color mixture and then directs her breasts to different direction. She started painting with her breasts to produce beautiful painting. Even some of his paintings sold more than a thousand dollar. But sometimes she also uses other tools, like: various body part, fruits and vegetables, wind-up toys, remote-controlled vehicles, and even brushes or palette. But the best interesting part of her painting style is using her breast as a great tool. She also use various mediums, like: acrylics, oil, tempera, coffee, cocoa, red wine, tempera, melted chocolate, even cherries and blueberries.

courtesy by
courtesy by

Kira Ayn Varsegi Painting

courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of
courtesy of

Victoria Excels, a breast painter from Russia

I found another breast painter. Her name is Victoria excels from St Petersburg, Russia. This Russian artist is very talented. She uses her breasts as a different function. If another woman use their breasts in feeding newborns, but this not happen for Victoria. She uses her breasts as a brush to make exquisite abstract artwork. Victoria said that the method which is involves dipping her breasts in oil and watercolor paint before pressing her breasts to the canvas. I don't know it looks suffering for other woman, but she looks very enjoy.  This idea appeared in his dream about a year ago. Her approach in which produces unique ball design resembles a flower, has got many praise from local art experts.

You can check the demo below. And the result is quite good for me. As an art lover, I am glad to know her dedication in art and she has to do another way to make beautiful art. Such of these things. Don't judge from the cover. I mean don't ever think negatively before we saw the result. I thought what she did wasn't against the LAW, right. I hope you enjoy the video from Victoria below.

Simple word from me.......

I also enclose several from art work and the demo video, about how she makes this art so beautiful. I am not talking or writing about pornography, but this is totally pure art. I just want to share about unique art. I don't want to get involve with something nude. But this is an art, my friend. I hope you understand after reading this hub.

I hope this could be an inspiration for us and new knowledge about art. We can use this to get an idea to make such of beautiful art. Maybe we can try to use our leg, nose, tongue to make a painting. Who knows?

Interview with Victoria

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