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Quick and Easy Photo Hanger

Updated on February 20, 2013
A fun and hassle free way to display loose prints
A fun and hassle free way to display loose prints

Does this sound like you?

With the ease of taking photos today, we all have hundreds in either a draw still in the developer's envelope, on the SD card in our camera or still on the cell phone. I would literally have to wallpaper my walls with photo frames in order to display them all. Not only would that be tremendously expensive, but it would also cause me to loose all hope of sanity trying to frame them myself.

So how do we deal with our treasured photos? We may print them and stick them in a drawer, or if we are really on the ball, create a scrapbook. Many times they are left on the computer so they can be viewed in some cool slideshow. Mine sometimes get left on my cell phone so that I can show off my latest awesome photo on a 2x3" screen. The digital photo frames are great, if you remember to add the photos to the memory card, or turn it on. I have one and honestly I think it has been on less than 10 times since it was purchased. 7 times the first week I got it and after that, well only the couple holidays that family came over. I just really hate leaving the thing on and I never remember to turn it on either.

So does any of this sound familiar? Wouldn't it be great to display the couple great pics you took just last week? Then replace them in 20 seconds or less with the new ones from this week?

Photo hanging wire
Photo hanging wire
Magnetic thumb tacks available in many styles, shapes and colors
Magnetic thumb tacks available in many styles, shapes and colors
Fun push pins to make it the most ultimate and unique wall hanging
Fun push pins to make it the most ultimate and unique wall hanging

What you will need

  • Photo frame hanging wire
  • magnetic thumbtacks (7 or 8)
  • 2 or 3 cool normal thumbtacks
  • totally great photos you want to display

First off the picture hanging wire, any wire that a magnet will stick to should work. I chose this because normally it is left over in the neat little picture hanging kit you buy at the dollar store (just to get the metal wall brackets). It is also very easy to work with without special tools.

Magnetic thumbtacks are everywhere now. With the popularity of the wipe boards for messages and school lockers, these are now available in some really cool shapes and designs.

Standard thumbtacks are also available in many styles and colors so you can really make your hanger uniquely yours.

with a quick twist you are basically done
with a quick twist you are basically done
just pick a spot and some photos
just pick a spot and some photos
Mini clothes pins and twine for a more rustic look
Mini clothes pins and twine for a more rustic look
Create your own style
Create your own style

How to make it in 3 easy steps

  1. make a small loop in the end of the wire and twist it around the end of your thumbtack
  2. repeat step one for the other end
  3. find a place to hang

How simple is that?

Once you have the tacks secured to each end, just find a spot that you want to show off your photos and push the pins in the wall. If you made your wire really long you can use another pin or two to support the weight in the middle. When your wire is in place just position the photo and put the magnet on the front.

You can put several on one wall and create a collage, you can hang them horizontally, vertically, diagonally even suspended from a ceiling if that is the route you want to go. The best part is, you can easily replace the photos as you wish. This will keep things fresh and new.

Like a bit more rustic?

If the wire and magnets are a bit too modern looking for you. Try some twine and a few mini clothes pins. If you are looking for something really girly, use ribbon and a few pink plastic clips.

This concept will work with many types of materials and only your imagination is the limit for this project. So have fun.

As Always....

I hope you enjoyed the Hub and it got you thinking.... until we meet again, "May you always have a seashell in your pocket and sand between your toes"


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