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Recycled Crafts: How to Make Rubber Stamps

Updated on April 7, 2012

I've been missing my crafty self lately, but three minutes on Pinterest and the inspiration & motivation returned almost instantaneously.

As I've mentioned in my profile, I love practical and functional things and live a thrifty lifestyle, so recycled crafts get me very excited. Today, I discovered something to do with the bucket full of rubber wine corks sitting in my kitchen cabinet. I am totally guilty of saving items that most people would toss in the garbage because like my dad says, "we might be able to use this for something".

One of these things I have saved is wine corks. Why? Because I have seen many functional everyday things from a collection of wine corks, such as cork boards, coasters, and even doormats, but today I saw stamps.

My first heart stamp ♥
My first heart stamp ♥ | Source


Stamps are so much fun, especially if you like to scrapbook, write letters, or enjoy making homemade wrapping paper.

Within minutes my crafty mind was traveling around the house in search of an x-acto knife, bucket of wine corks, markers, & paper. And then, I got to work.

Directions for DIY Rubber Stamps

  1. Outline shape with pencil on cork top
  2. Using x-acto knife, trace pencil lines to cut out object
  3. Carefully slide the knife around the sides of the cork, removing the negative space to create the stamp

Shapes for Inspiration

Click thumbnail to view full-size
crescent moonheartstarmushroombutterfly
crescent moon
crescent moon | Source
heart | Source
star | Source
mushroom | Source
butterfly | Source

Using Your Custom Made Stamp

If you are a scrapbooker, you may already have plenty of ink pads laying around, but if you don't markers work just as well.

  1. Ink your stamp with your choice of color by dabbing on an ink pad or coloring with a marker
  2. Press firmly onto a piece of paper

I enjoyed using markers because you can easily blend colors or add details.

Tips & Tricks

  • Please be very careful when using an x-acto knife. Always point the blade away from you and go slow, so you don't slip.
  • Start with basic shapes, as they are the easiest to carve out.
  • Letters & Numbers must be made in reverse.

Lots of rubber stamps! Tip: Letters & Numbers must be drawn in reverse.
Lots of rubber stamps! Tip: Letters & Numbers must be drawn in reverse. | Source

Video Tutorials

If you are interested in watching a video tutorial on how to create a stamp from a rubber wine cork, check out my video hubs below:


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    • Better Living profile image

      Better Living 5 years ago

      Clever idea. Thanks!

    • veggie-mom profile image

      veggie-mom 6 years ago

      Thanks Angelo52! Keep me posted & let me know what shapes you decide to make.

    • Angelo52 profile image

      Angelo52 6 years ago from Central Florida

      This is a clever idea. Now I can recycle the corks instead of throwing them out in the trash.

    • veggie-mom profile image

      veggie-mom 6 years ago

      Thanks cloverleaffarm! I enjoyed that it was such a quick and easy craft, let me know if you give it a try.

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 6 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      Fun ideas for people to learn. Thanks for sharing. Voted up.


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