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How to Choose Scrapbook Kits

Updated on March 27, 2011

Have you ever felt that 24 hours were not enough for a single day? Have you ever felt stressed out, overwhelmed, and as though the world were on your shoulders? If so, then you should consider using scrapbook kits. A variety of kits are available, which can easily add some zest to any scrapbook album.

Thee primary types of kits for scrapbooks exist: embellishment kits, page kits, and album kits. Embellishment kits include items such as ribbons and rub-on letters, which you can use to spice up pictures and other items in your scrapbook. Meanwhile, page kits also include a variety of themes, including flowers, animals, and even robots! Finally, album kits also include (you guessed it!) albums.

Image by chris hertel
Image by chris hertel

Here are some tips to help you select a kit for scrapbooks:

· Surf the internet - Browsing for kits online can save you a world of time and money. Most people have become allergic to sitting in traffic and waiting in lines especially when you need to do shopping. Make sure to compare the prices of at least three sites, when browsing for kits.

Image by Alanna George
Image by Alanna George

· Think about your theme - It is easier to choose a theme before you choose a kit. Consider browsing through scrapbook books, magazines, and websites, to get some ideas for excellent scrapbook themes. Once you choose a theme, it is now easier to select albums, pages, embellishments and kits.

· Get a second opinion - Just as when shopping for a house, car, or jacket, it helps to get a second opinion. When shopping for scrapbook kits, bring along someone who is somewhat familiar with scrapbooks. That will give you a chance to bounce ideas off him or her.

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  • Alex ONeill profile image

    Alex ONeill 8 years ago from Sweden (But I'm from Colorado)

    It's extremely addictive. I had to have an intervention not long ago. I been jonesin' ever since!

  • Litany Notch profile image

    Litany Notch 8 years ago from South UK

    @badcompany99 I don't know about a fetish but it's certainly addictive ;)