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Sewing: How it Saves You Money and Can Make You Money

Updated on March 5, 2015

Sewing Machines

Nowadays, sewing machines have everything built in for you. You don't need to learn how to create different stitches or make patterns. The sewing machine is smart. The sewing machine is straightforward.

Yes, a sewing machine with different stitches and setting built-in and accessible on a computerized screen can cost around $200, but it is so worth it.
My sewing machine is a Brother Project Runway Limited Edition. I am in love!

Thrifting becomes so much better

I have been going to thrift stores since I was a little kid, not because it was cool, but because we didn't have any money growing up.

Now, we are a bit better off than before and I still go to thrift stores because I know how to find amazing hidden treasures, or create them with my sewing machine.

I am on the left in a pair of shorts that I made out of $3 mom jeans I found at a thrift shop. When I bought the pants my mom was so confused as to why I wanted them. A few cuts, bleach, and embellishments later, I had my new favorite pair of shorts!
I am on the left in a pair of shorts that I made out of $3 mom jeans I found at a thrift shop. When I bought the pants my mom was so confused as to why I wanted them. A few cuts, bleach, and embellishments later, I had my new favorite pair of shorts!

If I had found a pair of shorts similar to the ones I made for $3 pictured above, they would have cost me at least $20 and that would have been a deal! You can find shorts similar to mine at Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, and Urban Outfitters, but nobody will ever have the same pair as I do :)
I love the look on people's faces when I tell them that I made an article of clothing that I am wearing and how much I spent on it.

Fix old clothes, or alter new ones

What do you do with your clothing when a button pops off? A hem frays? The dress you bought online is slightly too big on your chest? A seam rips?

I fix it.

I don't have to worry about spending tons of money on extremely good quality and well made clothing, because if something goes wrong, I know how to fix it! Everybody knows that Forever 21 costs less money because their clothes aren't made as well as Express or Nordstrom. That doesn't matter if you know how to sew.
The other amazing plus is online shopping is no longer an anxiety attack! I used to be so scared to order clothes online. Jeans never fit my hips but are too tight on my butt, dresses are always baggy around my chest and waist, almost all clothes are too long on me. This is no longer an issue. Ive got a dress draped over my mannequin right now from an online purchase that turned out to be a tad bit baggy on me in the wrong places.

Make your own clothes!

When you get really good and confident in your sewing skills, you can even make your own clothing!
You might need a mannequin, but the good news is that you can make a mannequin of your body easily and for very little money! I wrote a blog explaining how I made my body double..
DIY: Make Your Body Double

This cuts out the middleman. Now all you need to do is buy fabric for much cheaper than actual clothes cost and create whatever you desire!

Make and sell merchandise

Once you are an expert at sewing, if you enjoy creating clothes, accessories, household items, or anything that other people will enjoy, you can make money.

I haven't created anything to sell because I am busy with school, blogs, and my own business with Pure Romance. Maybe someday down the line I can also have my own business on etsy or even a site of my own.

When I took my sewing/costuming class in college, I saw a familiar face from my high school. I learned that Jenna was selling her creations on etsy. Her boardsocks are absolutely beautiful and she also sells a few other cute commodities. You can check her stuff out at:

Start today!

If you don't know the basics of sewing, you should start with hand-sewing before you go out and buy a machine.
You can watch youtube videos to learn how to sew, use a machine, make specific articles of clothing, create your own patterns, etc!

Or you could go to your local college and take a class like I did!

Here is a good place to start for any Beginner...



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