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Silk Plants as Gifts – Artificial Plants for Every Occasion

Updated on July 6, 2011
Silk plants are the perfect gift for Mother's Day
Silk plants are the perfect gift for Mother's Day
Silk plants are beautiful, unique gifts. Who would turn down this gorgeous needle fern?
Silk plants are beautiful, unique gifts. Who would turn down this gorgeous needle fern?

Silk Plants as Gifts – Artificial Plants for Every Occasion

For most of us, buying gifts for friends, family and colleagues can be a thankless task, especially when you are unsure of the recipient’s tastes or dislikes. If you are trying to buy a gift for a wedding, how do you avoid buying exactly the same household item that everyone else has? People can only use one food processor at a time and duplication of gifts can be very embarrassing.

If your friends or family are moving into a new home, what gift can you buy that will last for a long time? Kitchen equipment is practical but impersonal, and they are hardly going to think of you when they use the new griddle or food processor. Ornaments are wonderful and personalized, helping you to share memories, but they might not fit with the décor; a modern sculpture will look out of place in a traditionally styled room, and a painting may be completely the wrong color.

One interesting trend is the idea of buying plants as a gift, because they fit into every environment and are certainly very thoughtful and unique. The problem is that there are many downsides to live plants; they are high maintenance and messy, and are of little use to people who spend long periods away from home. If the plant dies, then so do the shared memories and experiences. What happens if the recipient has plant allergies, or has cats that insist upon using the lovely fresh soil in the plant container as a toilet?

Say it with silk flowers. Who would turn down a beautiful silk orchid.
Say it with silk flowers. Who would turn down a beautiful silk orchid.

Silk Plants as Memorable Gifts for the Home

The answer is to buy silk plants as gifts, because they have all the advantages of giving a plant, but without the downside. Silk plants are a gift that can be adapted to suit any occasion. Here are a few good reasons for giving silk plants as gifts:

  • Silk Plants are Practically Indistinguishable from Real Plants: Sophisticated manufacturing techniques and modern materials ensure that modern silk plants are exceptionally realistic in color, shape and texture.
  • Artificial Silk Plants are Permanent: Artificial plants will not wither and die, acting as a lasting reminder of friendship and family ties.
  • Silk Plants are Versatile and Will Suit any Décor and Theme: Whatever type of silk plant you buy, there will be somewhere for it to fit perfectly, in the sun porch or bathroom; comfortable lounge or functional kitchen.
  • Faux Plants are Pet and Child Proof: Unlike expensive ornaments or real plants, silk plants are robust and can take the daily abuse
  • A Silk Plant is a Low Maintenance Plant: Unlike real plants, artificial plants do not require daily watering, feeding, or treatment, and will not attract pests.
  • Silk Plants are Available in a Range of Colors and Styles: Most houseplant species are available as silk plants, giving you a range of options. You could use the subtle variegated leaves of a silk croton plant to make an impression, or the bright floral colors of pansies or sunflowers. There is a silk plant to suit any personality.
  • An Artificial Plant is a Thoughtful Gift: A silk plant shows that you have put a lot of thought into buying a gift, and tried to find something that suits the recipient’s personality, rather than a bland kitchen gadget or generic towel set
  • Silk Plants as Gifts Carry no Risk of Duplication: If you buy a silk plant as a gift, it is very unlikely that anybody else will have had the same idea. Even if they have, many places in the home will benefit from plants, so it will not be a problem.

Silk plants and silk trees are the perfect corporate gifts
Silk plants and silk trees are the perfect corporate gifts

Silk Plants as Office Gifts

Buying silk plants as gifts goes beyond the home, and they are also a wonderful business gift, bringing color and texture to even the most dismal corporate building. A floor silk plant in a lobby or reception area, or a silk tabletop plant in a cubicle, adds elegance and color, without worrying about watering at the weekend or while the staff are away on vacation.

Some offices are built around cutting edge contemporary designs, needing a few silk floor plants or tumbling hanging silk plants to soften the harshness. Other premises are finished in dull, soul-destroying corporate grey or beige, and would benefit from a few strategically placed artificial plants to break the monotony.

Silk Plants as Gifts - The Multipurpose Gift

Artificial silk plants are the perfect all year round gift, and can be given for a beautiful Mother's Day present, Easter Gifts, and even a romantic present for the one you love. Artificial plants show that you care and they will act as a permanent reminder of friends and family, a gift that shows the heart and soul of the giver. Silk Flowers and Silk plants really do show that you care.

Buy Artificial and Silk Plants

Say it with flowers - silk plants are the gift that keeps on giving
Say it with flowers - silk plants are the gift that keeps on giving


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