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The Most Popular Colors

Updated on August 28, 2009

The Most Popular Color is...

Most people have a favorite color. However, when it comes down to it, what is the most popular color? states that white is the most popular car color. However, people don't always buy cars depending on their favorite color. For example, people with red cars have to pay more for car insurance which might sway some red-loving person to buy a different color car. Plus, white reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it as black cars do. Back to the point though, a study has been done on this very topic. The results, found at, declare blue as the most popular color based on the results of 17 countries. As I often do when I find something intriguing, I googled it. That is to say that I googled every color and made a graph of each one's corresponding search results. The chart is below:


It is safe to say that one cannot come to a conclusion based on the Google search results. However, it is interesting to see how the colors differ based on internet popularity. Keep in mind when you search a term like "brown," a lot of results will come back with people who have the last name Brown like author Dan Brown. That means these results are not based on colors alone. Instead, they are based on the words "white," "pink," "red," etc. Anyway, I was surprised to see that the color red has almost as many results as the color white. I do, though, believe that the above study suggesting that blue is the most popular color is accurate. We are constantly sorrounded by blue things such as the sky and the ocean. These things are very calming, and we therefore enjoy the presence of the color blue. Still, I want to see what your favorite color is. Please take the time to vote in the poll below. Thank you!

What is your favorite color?

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    • profile image

      Jacqueline 4 years ago

      I love green it is a great color :D!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Jelly 5 years ago

      I like pink when I was a child , it made me think of the fairy tales

    • profile image

      Julia Yang 5 years ago

      Well, I'd say I like light purple, light green, light blue, and yellow. I sure am a bright person! :-)

    • profile image

      Angel 5 years ago

      Oh my gosh my fav. Color is purple the color of royalty and the most populer color is blue!!!"


    • profile image

      saima 6 years ago

      blue is most favorite colour.My friends say that blue is a boy colour but still like it.I mostly hate Pink,Purple,Red,Orange and Green