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Thomas Kinkade

Updated on April 7, 2012
Notice how he uses light from within the chapel, and how it reflects on the water.  I really love his work, even though this photo doesn't do this picture justice.
Notice how he uses light from within the chapel, and how it reflects on the water. I really love his work, even though this photo doesn't do this picture justice. | Source

Thomas Kinkade - A Favorite Artist

Thomas Kinkade - One of my Favorite Artists

Its a good time to be thinking about Thomas Kinkade, though I have many times before. It is heartbreaking to hear of his untimely and seemingly premature death. I heard that his artwork is in over 80 million homes in the United States alone. My house is one of those households.

In our family, we all love Thomas Kinkade so much, that you will find gifts being given at Christmas, from calendars and planners, mugs, ornaments and more. There is a lot of love for Thomas Kinkade in our family and extended family and our friends.

Going to the Different Galleries

South Coast Plaza in Southern California has a gallery that we visited long ago. We were waiting to get into the Rain Forest Cafe. What a great thing, to have the time to look around a gallery dedicated just to Thomas Kinkade. It was when we first really fell in love with his work. If you have never seen it, you must look at his pieces, they are amazing.

Another time in Branson Missouri, when we were at Silver Dollar City, we went into a gallery of his there. I bought a special mug that I have to this day. His paintings are calming, peaceful, and gorgeous. He is true to the title that has been given to him, "Painter of Light" because he do such amazing things with light.

I would recommend looking in your own area for a Thomas Kinkade Gallery, as it will be a joy to see his work for yourself. I hope to go to more in the future.

Pieces of Art from Thomas Kinkade

We own a few pieces of art from Thomas Kinkade, and I will share the names below and a little bit about each one.

The Forest Chapel - This one is pictured in the beginning of the article. A little chapel in a forest with a lovely little brook flowing beside it. I love this piece, its calming and so beautiful. Look at how he uses light from inside the chapel, and how it reflects on the water.

Hidden Cottage - This one shows a very cute little English looking cottage somewhat hidden from view for all the beautiful flower gardens and trees all around it. It has a beautiful white picket fence and gate opening up to a path to the cottage which one can walk through.

The Autumn Gate - There is an open gate, with beautiful fall colored leaves on trees in the woods. The path is very inviting.

The Light of Peace - Painting on a Plate shown in this article, was a gift from our brother in law. It is a Bradford Exchange Plate, and is part of Thomas Kinkade's Guiding Lights collection. This is one of my all time favorite pieces from Kinkade and there is a quote that goes along with it, shown below. It is a lighthouse on a cliff near the ocean, with a fence surrounding it. Waves are crashing against the rocks below throwing up quite a spray. The clouds are starting to disperse, some blue sky is showing, and the light from the sun is coming through in beautiful rays of light. It is amazing. In the distance, are tiny little white sails from boats in the ocean. In the foreground, the cobblestone path is gorgeous and inviting. It leads to a little cottage looking home that has light from within, and smoke coming from the chimneys.

*Please forgive the examples I share here, as they do not do Thomas Kinkade justice. I wanted to include them all the same so you get an idea of what his work is like and how he uses light. These were the best two examples I could use that didn't have a huge glare, as they are under gladd.

"A sheltered harbor from the storm

a sunlit path both safe and warm,

No matter where you choose to roam

the Light of Peace will lead you home."

By D. Morgan

The words light and peace are capitalized there, and I get tears in my eyes now thinking of just how fitting this is for Thomas Kinkade's passing, as his Light of Peace is now leading him home.

I am so thankful for Thomas Kinkade and what beauty he has brought and will continue to bring to so many people and families everywhere.

© Copyright 2012 by Oceansnsunsets. All Rights Reserved.

The Light of Peace

Please forgive the glare in the photo.  Even though I turned off the flash, the curve of the plate caught the light from outside and caused glare.  You can get an idea of his beautiful work, I hope.
Please forgive the glare in the photo. Even though I turned off the flash, the curve of the plate caught the light from outside and caused glare. You can get an idea of his beautiful work, I hope. | Source

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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Flourish, thank you for your comment. So happy for your purchase, which is surely a beautiful piece of art. Happy to know others miss him as well. He added so much to many people's lives through the capturing of life in his art.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      I like Thomas Kinkade too and bought one of his paintings for my home from a gallery in Ohio about 15 years ago. So sad about his passing.


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