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How To Make Your Own Photo Shoot

Updated on October 24, 2012

Tips For Doing a DIY Photo Shoot

I've been dabbling with photography for awhile now. Honestly, my favorite thing to photograph is people. My knowledge of photo enhancing also greatly helps this fact. My cousin just came to see me a few days ago, and I asked her if I could photograph her. She has an insanely bubbly personality and a lot of energy. I knew she'd make a really good person to take pictures of. I think glamorous pictures taken of anyone, even in a casual setting, is a great self esteem boost! Everyone wants to feel like they're sexy every now and then.  These are some tips to help you with doing your own photo shoot:

1. Make up, Hair, Beauty-- AND GO!

One of my favorite parts of this photo shoot was getting her ready for it! I already had inside my head that I wanted to take the pictures in black and white. Which means, everything will be highly contrasted. This is where the importance of dark make up came in. I wanted her make up to really pop while I was taking the pictures, and it sure did. It is important to focus on what kind of pictures you want to take ahead of time, to create the look that is appropriate. Half of the pictures I took of her were kind of wild, and half of them were very respectable. For the wild pictures I had her mess up her hair, and wear something very neutral. In the others, I had her smooth back her hair. Physical appearance is a huge one when you're taking pictures. It is important to have the look contrast the mood.

2. Expression

I took a few of the pictures with her looking directly at me. However, my favorites are where she is laughing. Typically when I am photographing people, I don't like them posing. I want the photographs to look as natural as possible. I was telling her jokes and making her laugh the whole time. When I took the more serious pictures of her, we were actually discussing real topics and the expressions she was making were her real emotions. It made the pictures turn out even more beautiful.

3. Let loose, and be crazy!

I think photographs should really reflect who the person is, as a person. Get in a playful mind state, and run with it. Allow them to act like they're a kind again, it allows their personality to reflect itself in the picture. 

4. Lighting is important

Of course I am no professional, so I don't have proper lighting. I had lamps situated all around my cousin. The pictures outside were a bit more complicated, as the street lights reflected quite a bit. However, all of these things gave the pictures their own unique feel.

Basically, when creating your own photo shoot, you just have to be creative. Let the subject do what ever they'd like. Don't follow rules, let it be as natural as possible! Having your own photo shoot is a great way to let your natural beauty show through. Its definitely a self esteem boost. So go out there and photograph someone, or photograph yourself! Have fun with it, and don't hold back.


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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      7 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      It sounds like you had fun. I voted it up and useful. I dusted off my camera and am going to shoot some pictures now...Gotta go. Nice job. RJ

    • jobister profile image


      7 years ago from Anaheim, California

      Very good ideas!


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