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Top 10 Best Nature Wallpapers HD

Updated on April 25, 2013

Mother Nature blessed us with countless gifts. These nature computer wallpapers illustrate the beauty of our planet and should serve as a wake-up call for all of us to work hard in preserving them. Waterfalls, lakes, seas, forests, and mountains are not just for show. They are home to vital players of our ecosystem. Without them the whole cycle of life on Earth will be greatly disturbed which might even lead to our extinction.

I hope this list of Top 10 Best Nature Wallpapers can inspire each one of you to move. Let’s join hands in protecting Mother Nature and guarantee the future generation that they’ll be able to enjoy her gifts just like us today.

Those born in cities will never know how wonderful it is to be greeted by warm sunshine every morning. Luckily I grew from a small farm so every bit of my childhood was exciting. I learned how to ride a horse as early as 10 years all. The experience thrilled me like no other especially if the horse starts to dash. Lying on a field of grass while gazing at the stars along with my father is a memory I’ve treasured for so many years. This computer wallpaper reminds me of our small farm that can’t be described by any other word than “magical”.

The sea breeze from a clean and quite beach can instantly eliminate any amount of stress. This is probably the main reason why some folks are willing to spend thousands of dollars just to bring the whole family in a remote beach that only a few knows. It’s the perfect destination for families who want to rebuild their relationship with one another and have a break from the hassle and bustle of the city. There are many famous beaches worldwide to choose from. Just remember that overspending is not imperative to guarantee satisfaction. Cheap yet beautiful beaches are there and the only thing left for you to do is exert more effort in searching for them.

To go against nature is futile. Regardless of our modern technologies, men still remain at the mercy of nature’s wrath. This is why we should aim to live at peace with nature. We are nature’s caretaker so intensifying our efforts to preserve its beauty is imperative. Such cause is not only for the good of the present generation but most importantly the future. It would be a shame if the future generation suffers because of our recklessness. Let’s not deny the fact that we need nature’s fruits to survive and there’s no better time to be concerned other than now. Let’s live at peace with nature and help maintain its grandiose beauty for the future generation to experience.

When was the last time you simply sat back and enjoyed wonderful scenery? Relaxation refreshes both the mind and soul. It can instantly erase all your worries and calm the mind. If you are currently facing a problem which seems to have no solution at all, get out of your stressful environment and search for a quiet place to reflect. Visit the nearest park or camp on a mountainside. Doing it alone is preferred but you can also bring someone special to share the moment. Consider it your time to think about past decisions and come up with plans for the future.

Mother Nature who has been giving us everything we need is presently suffering. Men brought upon pollution in the waters, air, and even soil. Plants, trees, sea creatures of all kinds, and every living thing that walks in the land are all in great danger. If this goes on, Earth will certainly face its end in the near future and all the blame will be pointed to our selfish deeds. A call for change has been started by various Organizations concerned with the present state of Mother Earth but it seems only a few responded. What most of us fail to realize is that everything big starts out small. Simple acts of love for nature like minimizing vehicle usage and throwing your garbage in the proper place will eventually set forth considerable changes in the long run.

Waterfalls are not only there for aesthetic purposes. In fact, this body of water is the source of life to much forest wildlife. Pure water originating from a mountain top flows through these waterfalls which quenches thirst and eliminates impurities. They are considered among the most beautiful gifts of nature that we should all protect. Sad to say, numerous waterfalls across the globe already died out and a few more are in danger of having the same path. This threat is brought upon by continues massive cutting of trees even in protected areas. Such mindless acts should be stopped or else the future generation won’t be able to see and enjoy natural waterfalls.

Huge blocks of ice found in our world’s poles have significance unlike most of us believe. They play a major role in maintaining Earth’s temperature so even the slightest change in them could affect every living organism in the planet. Sad news is that the beauty of these blocks of ice seems to have faded in time. Others melted away through the years while a few are left with huge cracks. This is a very alarming situation which should serve as a wakeup call for all of us to change our ways. If global warming continues to worsen, every block of ice on our world’s poles will eventually melt leaving Earth’s temperature in a dangerously high level.

To live in a paradise where food is bountiful and free, all sorts of danger is nowhere to be found, and happiness is unceasing, is probably everyone’s dream. Nevertheless, finding one in an imperfect world is almost impossible. Forests, caves, and mountains that were once untarnished and pure are now left with scars of irresponsible people who thought nothing other than selfish desires to boast for their achievements. Earth was once a paradise and restoring its previous beauty is still possible through discipline and hard work. This is our home so we should take care of it diligently. Finding a paradise won’t be a problem if we can transform what we have now into one.

A world without clean water is possible if we won’t cease our selfish and irresponsible ways. Rivers and lakes that were once pictures of beauty and home of wildlife are now barren wastelands. The solution to this worsening problem is simple yet only a few of us are willing to invest time and effort in carrying it out. First of all, we need to change our attitude. Involvement is a must since saving our waters is only possible through our combined efforts. Even simple deeds like not throwing your garbage at any body of water and influencing everyone to do the same can cause a great impact in the preservation of clean water.

Achieve relaxation and peace through nature!

Small seeds planted today will become skyscraping trees in the near future. We can’t bring back the past but we can rebuild what is left today. Our forests have been dishonored for countless years so it deserves our care now more than ever. Though various organizations worldwide are doing their best to protect what is left and develop them for the future generation, they need our support. Spend a day to help with these organizations in planting seeds or spreading the word about protecting the gifts Mother Nature bestowed upon us. This is an issue should never take lightly since the present and future generation will surely suffer if we don’t do something about it now.

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Have you done something recently to help save mother nature?

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    • Melissa A Smith profile image

      Melissa A Smith 

      7 years ago from New York

      It's just that, it's hard to be relaxed by an image that supposedly depicts 'paradise' yet there is an animal being killed in it...

    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Davao City

      Thank you for such a sweet comment. Good day and God bless!

    • MarieAlana1 profile image

      Marie Alana 

      7 years ago from Ohio

      Beautiful images. I really like your way of writing.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 

      7 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Excellent hub! Your words set the motion to bring your audience up close and personal to these beautiful pictures. Voted up.


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