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Top Fantasy Art Galleries From The Top Fantasy Artists

Updated on July 17, 2014

Fantasy Art Galleries Of Fantasy Paintings

Painting image taken from copyright is respected of the artist/creator 2009.
Painting image taken from copyright is respected of the artist/creator 2009.

Top Fantasy Art Galleries

There is just something about looking at great fantasy art for me, maybe it's feeling inspired by the paintings that the fantasy artists create or the simple fact that I too love to draw this kind of stuff (My painting is not up to scratch at the moment, although I am learning and teaching myself through the wonderful internet!)

The top fantasy artists seem to showcase their work with qualities that reflect their training if any. Most of the top fantasy artists went through college and achieved success because they had the dedication to sit through a classroom environment for 3 - 4 years, which was something that I myself could not do I used to get a bit restless and want to go off and do my own thing.

Always I would look at other artists work and was heavily influenced by some of the best fantasy artists out there and it's seeing and studying how these masters of fantasy create their masterpieces that really brings a sense of reality that all of the possibilities of myself creating something like this in the future just keeps me going.

I just love everything about fantasy art drawing, with sketching and painting new fantasy art concepts to writing stories to go with my art, it's just a great art from to get involved with.

This will be an ongoing hubpage that will link to top fantasy art galleries, the ones below are just the start of this inspiring fantasy art gallery link fest, so look up for inspiring fantasy influences on a rainy day!

Art And The Sketchbooks Of Boris Vallejo And Julie Bell Books On

Boris Vallejo And Julie Bell

These two fantasy artists are a husband and wife team and work quite nicely together and compliment each others work and individually their combined fantasy art drawings and paintings are really powerfully created through a discipline of practise and further exploration of their own work and others they encounter.

Although Boris has been painting for much longer from the early 70's and therefore has more of a professional body of work credited to his name and easily some of the most instantly recognisable paintings and style of paintwork.

Boris And Julie have a website that they manage to showcase their work and detail any appearances that they make at fantasy art events.

Plus they also have a regular blogger blog that gives you small blog snippets into the lives of these two prolific artists. - Paint And Brush Imaginistix

Luis Royo Fantastic Art Book On

Luis Royo

The art of Luis Royo has been in the forefront of my mind for quite awhile now with his paintings of beautiful looking women in tight leather and provocative costumes usually set in a fantasy setting which sets the paintings off quite well.

A spanish fantasy artist, Luis has a website which is also in spanish Luis

Luis Royo's latest project, which is an ambitious graphic novel entitled Dead Moon and the story is a variation on the Romeo And Juliet theme, but with interesting story chnges that better fit the fantastic artwork that Luis provides.

John Howe

John has done many Lord Of The Rings concept artwork for the films and many middle earth books in the Tolkien myths that have been written and collected by J.R Tolkiens youngest son Christopher, one of a few select artists that have brought vivid imagination to the much loved books and stories set in Middle Earth.

His art is very meticulous to detail and the technical aspects of watercolour washes for which his works shine and provide unique atmosphere that is up there with the recent fantasy art masters, also his other work away from the Rings books is also on a par to excellence and very inspiring for the fantasy artist and the casual art lover.

What is worth a mention is Johns book Forging Dragons if you are a fantasy artist interested in varying dragon designs, I did a review of the book which is more of an overview than a review, but I liked the book and the special attention to dragon focused art is just breathtaking.

Which Artist Of Fantasy Art Do You Rate?

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    • Jonathan Grimes profile image

      Jonathan Grimes 6 years ago from Devon

      Love fantasy art and some great work here, will look at Luis Royos a litle more.

    • profile image

      Shawneepaints 8 years ago

      Hi! I'm new to hubpages and trying to get to know some of the other writers. I enjoyed your art hub. My teen is really into fantasy art. She will like to see your recommendations.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yeah Luis Royos art is fantastic, I have a huge print of his work hanging in my hallway and it certainly is inspiring!

    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      Wow, I will have to watch for Luis's book. :) I love that sort of art. Who had done Edgar Rice Burroughs... Helium, John, series? that was my first introduction way back when I was a kid, lol. Great Hub!