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Torun Beautiful Madonna

Updated on May 5, 2012
A markerToruń, Poland -
Toruń, Poland
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The original


A copy


Toruń Beautiful Madonna was carved from stone for The Most Holy Virgin Mary Church. Wearing a dress and a cloak of many folds, the Madonna is holding the naked Child with her left hand while holding an apple in her right hand. The naked infant is sitting on her left arm, touching the apple with his left hand. He is touching the Madonna's right thumb with his right hand. The Madonna is standing firmly on her right leg; her left leg is bent under the small Child. Albeit the face of the Madonna is young and pretty, the fatigue and sadness ought not to be missed. The chiaroscuro effect created by the striking contrast between light and shade adds more depth to the Madonna's dolor and sorrow.

At the end of World War II, the statue of the Madonna was stolen by the Nazis, and there has been no trace of her since then. In the year 1956, a copy of the Madonna filled the empty place above the torso of Moses. The large head of Moses is bent down as if prostrated by the weight of the Madonna with the Child. The fatigue vividly portrayed in the features of Moses's face dominates the whole image of the prophet.


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