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Web Designing Tips & Techniques

Updated on August 15, 2011

Professional Website Designers are of Good Help

Appropriate website designing is very important if you want to introduce a new website over World Wide Web especially for business purpose. Although, you can carryout the task of designing the website on your own if you are aware about the basics and techniques of professional website designing. But on the other hand, if you have no idea about professional website designing then in such a situation, the most wise decision for you to take is to consider taking assistance from a professional website designer as he can be of good help in this regard.

Professional website designers are those people who are well equipped with the basics, techniques, strategies and all the updated trends of website designing. There are simply plenty out there offering their services however, not every designer is the same, there are same frauds and cheat ones also there in the market. So, it is important that you must carefully select the one in order to safeguard yourself from getting cheat. Here are some guidelines which you can follow in order to determine the most reliable one out of the lot.

1. Portfolio of the designer is the most important tool with the help of which you can evaluate his ability. Things such as past experience, tasks accomplished, best work done in the past and etc are some things which are a part of the portfolio of the designer. If you think that all such things are in order and are attractive at the same time then you can move to the next step.

2. Next important thing for you to do is to research a bit about the reputation of the designer from different sources. You can consider taking assistance from past clients of that particular designer by asking their feedback of the services they got from his or you can also check for the reviews posted over the webpage of that particular designer as well. If you find all the answers to be positive enough then you can step forward.

3. Finally, after doing all the hard work, you have to negotiate with the designer about the fee he would be charging for the services that would be rendered by him. Although, most of the professional website designer stick with a certain amount but still there is always some room for negotiation, so try and negotiate as much as you possibly can.

Attractive Home Page Designing Tips & Techniques

Homepage is considered as the core part of any website whether it for business purpose or just for sharing some personal experience. Homepage in short can be described as a page which portrays the whole image of you and your website at first glimpse. So, as it is the core part of any website, it should be designed in the best possible manner. So, for your concern, following are few attractive home page designing tips and techniques which you can deploy to come up with the most attractive home page design.

1. Layout is the most important part of home page. There are many different things associated with the overall layout of the home page but the ones which stands out as the most important ones are color combination, font size of the content and theme. Selection of appropriate color combination is very important and it should be decided on the basis that whether your website is for business purpose or it is for your personal information/experience sharing. If your website is for business purpose then you have to be very selective and must go with some professional type of combination while on the other hand, if the website is for your personal use then you can go with almost any kind of combination. Next is the size of the font. Here, you have to follow the simple rule, the heading should be big while the content should be small, it is as simple as that. Finally the theme, well it should be in accordance with the type of website you want to introduce. Suppose your website is about debt related issues then you theme should be supporting the main objective of your website, you cannot select a theme which is designed for a health related website.

2. Relevant yet updated content is yet another significant part of attractive home page design. Add some relevant yet authentic content on your home page and update your home page with new and fresh content on regular basis. People are always in search for something new, sharing old and outdated information won’t do any good to you.

3. Lastly, if your website is a business website then do not forget to add the corporate information on your home page. It is important to add corporate information because the home page without corporate information creates a doubt in the mind of the visitor that this page can be a scam or something unauthentic.

Steps Involved in Professional Logo Designing

Logo is something which distinguishes one thing from another. Whether it is a brand, sports team or anything, a logo is something which can separate one thing from another. In other words, a logo can be said as the identity or the mark of identification for something. With logo bearing lots of importance from different point of views, it is acceptable that it should be something which needs to be professional. So, if you want to design a professional logo in order to distinguish yourself from others, then here a steps you need to follow in order to accomplish the task.

1. Size of the logo is something which matter the most when it comes to professional logo designing. Well, the size of the logo has to be medium, neither too small nor too huge. It should be something which can be printed with ease over most of the thing if not on everything.

2. Now this is very common, logo should be unique. Well, it is fairly simple to understand that a logo is created to distinguish one thing from another so there is no concept of duplication when it comes to logo designing. However, you can extract something as idea from any existing logo but is should be different from the existing one.

3. Color combination of the logo is also very important. Well, the most common combination without a doubt is the very old black and white combination but there is no limitations that you must go with the traditional one. You can select the combination on your own however, make sure that you do not use more than three colors in your logo as lots of different colors creates a feeling of logo being unprofessional. So keep this point in mind while designing a professional logo.

4. Size of the font all matters a lot when it comes to professional logo designing. The type of font should be in accordance with the combination of colors you have decided to use over the logo. For instance, if you are intending to print the name of the company within the logo then you need to ensure that it gets printed within the logo by using the right size of the font.

So above mentioned are some simple steps which are involved in professional logo designing.

Common Myths Associated With Website Designing

There are myths associated with almost everything, same goes with website designing as well. There are so many myths prevailing within the minds of the people pertaining to website designing. However, i won’t be revealing all of them but will surely uncover some of the common ones in this piece of writing. So, here are some common myths associated with website designing.

1. First common myth associated with website designing is that most of the people believe that using so many different colors would make the website eye catching yet attractive at the same time as well. Well, to be very honest with you, using so many colors on the web page won’t do any good to you instead, it will make your website something like rainbow color page or textbook where children can have good time but not the adults. If your website is targeting the children then this might prove to be a wise move but if it is for professional purpose then avoid committing such kind of blunders. Keep it fairly simple, make use of limited colors so that your web page can appear as much professional as possible.

2. Next important might associated with website designing is that duplication of content won’t do any harm to your web page. Well, if you agree with this statement then i must advise you to never design a website. I am very sorry to say but i have to because no website design can survive among search engines on which duplicate content is posted. The best sources to drive traffic towards the website are search engines and if your website is not recognized by the search engines then there is no possibility that your website would survive for an extensive period of time over World Wide Web. So always post new, updated and relevant content over your web page.

3. Making use of flash is mandatory is the next common myth associated with website designing. Well, there is no harm in using flash over your website but there is no rule that you must use flash over your website to make it more appealing to the visitor. Excessive use of flash over your website can make it work improperly as flash based content will take ample amount of time for loading up appropriately. So, it is advisable here that you must limit the use of flash based content over your website in order to remain on the safe side.

Importance of Having a Distinguished Website Design

With every passing day, there are simply tons and tons of website introduced over World Wide Web for different purposes. Some are introduced for sharing some personal experience, some are for fun purposes while some are for pure business or professional purposes. However, no matter for what purpose a website is introduced, importance of having distinguished website design can be overlooked by any means. There are lot of aspects on the basis of which it is important that a website design must be different from the other existing website designs.

A unique website design differentiate one website from another. If both website bears similar website design then visitors will surely find difficulties in differentiating them from each other. Well, take my words, if the design is similar to any of the existing design then you would lose ample amount of traffic within no time at all just because of the same website design. You might not agree with me here, but believe me, this is not a myth, this is a reality. No one would love to spend time over a place which is similar to some existing place and you might agree with me here. So, in order to ensure that you retain your visitors for an extensive period of time, you come up with a unique or distinguished website design.

Search engine never like to list those websites which are copied or are similar to the existing ones. These days, search engines are the most reliable source of diverting traffic towards the website and if your website doesn’t get listed among the search engines then i am afraid to say that the journey of your website over World Wide Web would be very short.

Sometimes, legal actions can be taken against duplicate website designs as well. If a design is copied without the permission of the creator or the real owner of the design then you might confront some legal actions.

So, to avoid all the above mentioned things, it is better to come up with a distinguished website design rather making use of an existing one. Your website design creates an impression in the mind of the visitors regarding your relevancy and if they find that your website design is copied then they will surely leave your website within no time at all and will never come back again as well.


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