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Winter Snow Memories

Updated on December 14, 2009
The Horse Stable in Morning Light
The Horse Stable in Morning Light
Along the Fence
Along the Fence

Memories of Valley Living.

Growing up in the Ottawa Valley where there always seemed to be an abundance of snow. There were also numerous times when we would have a good snowfall and then the weather would change to rain which caused a thick crust to form on top of 8 or 10 inches of snow pack. The temperature would then drop below freezing and the fun could begin. You lay on your back and push yourself along the crusty surface by kicking with your heels and off you went, or you found a nice open hill somewhere depending on what part of town you lived in.

We moved around a lot so I lived in the country as well as within the small city of Pembroke.

I have great winter memories of sliding on numerous hills. Playing in imaginary worlds of Indians, cowboys, cops, robbers, knights of the round table and of course being Gordy Howe or others of hockey fame. We made our own rinks in back yards or ponds or on the two rivers in town. The cold never seemed to be a bother; you were just having too much fun. If it warmed up you got out on the road like you did before all the snow came.

Everyone knew how to play hockey and that included a few select girls you allowed to play in this mans sport. (At least during those times) I have three grown girls and two of them played in a mixed hockey league when they were young. They played on open rinks when the temperature was hovering at -10 or -20 F. There were open leagues and school hockey where I played for grades 7 and 8. We played in the only arena in town, the home of the Famous Pembroke Lumber Kings, of whom my mother was an ardent fan. She housed hockey players for the team; one who's father had played for Boston. I remember him because I was 16; he would have been 18 and he had a red sprint sports car, that he actually let me drive a couple of times.

At that time I had 2 MG"A" cars in the driveway in pieces. I managed to scoop them from a friend up the street who's father said, "OUT OF HERE!". I traded a pair of cowboy boots for them and they sat in my driveway until my father sold them for some money I owed him a few years later. Man, to have just one of those babies now! (I digress ooppss!)

Hockey came and went as I played with guys from church and then played for a company I was working for when they decided to get a tournament on. Most of the guys were 20 years younger and faster so I played defence. Good memories and good times.

I remember going cross country skiing, with a few friends; the snow crisp and settled on the trails. The sun burning brightly and the frosty air meeting with the warmth about my beard and forming icicles in my moustache. You'd stop and make a fire, get out some hot drink and toast a sandwich or two before heading back to the car. There was also the day when coming through a lesser snow covered trail and watching the tip of my ski go under a raised tree root and snap went the tip of the wooden ski. My next pair needless to say was fibreglass.

I used to love driving on the snowy backroads with a rear wheel drive car or truck and sliding around the corners sideways. I had this old Volvo sedan for a time, it was a blast. Then I had the German made Mercury Capri with a slap stick automatic you could drive like a standard. I still love to drive this way. Some of us are slow in growing up... NOT! It's just fun is all.

I acquired a pair of Canon A1 cameras and eventually did some serious photography over the years having worked for a promotion company for a time and then did my own part-time work. I had a portable studio so there was portrait work, weddings, horse shows, vehicles, hockey and baseball teams.

I've now ventured into and still learning the joy of digital cameras.

The photo's seen here were taken with a Canon during a winter of many great snowfalls. This being one when the flakes were huge and fluffy as eider down.

Speaking of the Valley, just a week and a half before heading up there for a visit. Hey get out with your family and friends and have some fun eh! (LOL)

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!


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    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      carrie, nice of you to visit. thx St.L

    • carrie450 profile image


      8 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      Beautiful winter photos and beautifully written.

    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      MS nice to have you stop by, i will get over soon to view your stuff. Thx L.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Very nicely done!!!Good Hub!

    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Thx BT, i went south to Txs (U Hub) and liked what i saw. i'll be back. Thx L.

    • Brigitte Thompson profile image

      Brigitte Thompson 

      8 years ago from Austin, TX

      love the snow memories

    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Thx M for stopping by, and yes i've had a peek at some of your work... nice. Later, L.

    • malonge profile image


      8 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

      Like your snow memories photos. Check out mine too at

    • nikki1 profile image


      8 years ago

      cool friends and pic.s. rated (up).


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