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Anatomy Clip Art

Updated on January 11, 2015

Craft with Human Body and Medical Clip Art

The human body has all sorts of parts that lend themselves to crafts. For instance, who among us hasn't traced their hand to make a Thanksgiving turkey? Very few.

For a more sophisticated approach, try out this anatomy clip art to use in all sorts of ways. Graphics and images of the human body can be used in crafts of all kinds like human head pin cushions,

Anatomy clip art is great for all occasions but especially for Halloween invitations or decorations!

Phrenology Clip Art Source: The Graphics Fairy

Make an eyeglass case with clip art from The Graphics Fairy.
Make an eyeglass case with clip art from The Graphics Fairy.

Make Crafts with Anatomy Clip Art

Get ideas here or dream up your own (with your brain, of course).

Get crafty with these anatomical clip art images.

A few examples include:

- An eyeglass case (see photo to the right) using eye and glass clip art from The Graphics Fairy

- A quirky steampunk man doll at The Graphics Fairy that PollyAnna Reinvents shared.

Palm Readers

Use the palmistry hand graphic (link provided below)

to make ads for your palm reading business!

Or if you're not a palm reader, use this fun clip art

for great carnival-themed posters.

If I said you had a beautiful body

(body clip art, that is),

would you hold it against me?

If yes, would you use glue, a stapler, or tape?

Bones - Good TV, Dem Bones Is.

Learn about body parts and anatomy at

the Smithsonian Web site.

Take their quiz to see how well you can

identify close ups of various body parts.

It's harder than it looks!

Parts is parts.

~Wendy's commercial

Learn More About Anatomy

Matchboxes from The Graphics Fairy. Use her graphics to make your own.
Matchboxes from The Graphics Fairy. Use her graphics to make your own.

Use Your Head -- Well, a Skeleton Head

Make a Halloween Skeleton Match Box

This easy craft will ensure you have matches at the ready to light the dear old Jack O' Lantern you carve for Halloween. It's easy, it's quick, and it's fun! If you're hosting a party, give a box as party favors to each guest.

Visit Karen's Web site (link below) for the skeleton clip art and instructions for making your own Halloween match boxes.

Photo Credit: The Graphics Fairy

Phrenology pin cushion. Download the clip art at The Graphics Fairy.
Phrenology pin cushion. Download the clip art at The Graphics Fairy.

Make a Human Head Pin Cushion

Use your head!

A fun way to make a pin cushion that is unexpected but oh-so-clever is to use a human head for the design. For fun, Karen at The Graphics Fairy, took this clip art and instead of numbers, labeled the parts of the brain related to crafts. Evidently some of us have brains that are divided into the following portions: Sew, Create, Make, Craft, Glue, Art, and so on. So fun, and so true.

This clip art would also lend itself to making sachets, a throw pillow (stop tossing my head around, please!), or appliqued to a tee-shirt.

Photo Source and Clip Art courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

Circus Clip Art
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Retro Clip Art
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Steampunk Clip Art
Steampunk clip art can make your craft projects and graphic design pop! The term "steampunk" came about in the 1980s.

Affiliate Disclosure

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What Will You Use Anatomy Clip Art For?

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    • Virginia Allum LM profile image

      Virginia Allum LM 5 years ago

      to tart up otherwise boring articles /books about medical technology

    • profile image

      Litchitini 5 years ago

      Inspiration when drawing people.