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When choosing photos for your hubs, how important is it to you to use diverse faces?

When using pictures of humans on your hubs, how important is it to you to use a racially diverse selection of photographs? Moreover, where do you go to find legally-attributable photographs of non-white (and non-Asian) persons for your hubs? I'm not comfortable using an all-white selection of people on my hubs, but struggle to find high-quality, legal-to-use photographs of people who are neither white nor Asian. Flickr is lacking in darker-skinned people, and I prefer the appeal of a wider representation on my hubs. What do you think?


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Janis Leslie Evans (janshares) says

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3 years ago
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    Becki Rizzuti (Everyday Miracles) 3 years ago

    Flickr is pretty well white-washed, it seems. Today I found a picture of an interracial couple and literally made a hub just to feature the picture because it was too good to pass up. People of all races are beautiful. I'd like to represent that.