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Asian Chopsticks: Japanese, Chinese & Korean Chopsticks Sets

Updated on September 11, 2014

Beautiful Chopsticks Sets - Asian Gift Ideas

Usually Asian people use chopsticks. We know how to hold and eat with these. Do you know it? Chopsticks are eating utensil as well as common tableware almost in every house in East Asia such as in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam. Asian chopsticks sets are usually made of bamboo, wood and stainless steel. I personally think that a single chopstick is an art of Asian culture. It is great eating with chopsticks. I enjoy it, do you?

In ancient time they were called as Zhu. Look at around yourself in China or Japan; you see people are using it everywhere. If you don't believe me then just go find a Chinese or a Japanese restaurant and order a plate of delicious noodles, of course you will see theses great valuable handy items instead of getting a spoon. That's the tradition! Though, you can get spoon if you want. What is going on at home? From adult to kids, all enjoy and like eating food with chopsticks at home.

A chopsticks set is a precious Asian gift idea for an Asian. Did you know that before? From this article you will find out some great chopsticks sets and you have the right to use them as gifts, who cares! Instead of this gift idea this lens comes with useful information about chopsticks including beautiful collection of handmade chopsticks, pictures, how to make it and use it properly. You will explore the beauty of our Asian chopsticks over here in this article.

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History of Asian Chopsticks

Explore the history here!

Our Asian Chopsticks are not a modern invention; it was invented 4000 years ago. History tells us about its origination that it was first appeared in China during Xia Dynasty in 21st - 16th century BC. Later on, chopsticks were developed fully in Shang Dynasty. Because of the popularity of Chopsticks they spread to some neighbor countries of China such as Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Boiling food was the main reason to use theses though in the past they were used for many purposes like serving, cooking, stirring the fire and eating foods. Asian people believe, the invention of these was a blessing and that is why now people have been using from a long time ago since it was made. Do you know that a king from China named Zhou ordered his servants to make luxurious chopsticks from elephant teeth?

The popularity of chopsticks is enormous here in Asia. Whether you use these as cooking accessories or eating utensil, chopsticks would remain as an important useful stuff for us. I could tell you a true thing that most of the East Asian people prefer chopsticks then holding a spoon or fork.

Many of my friends like collecting them if they see some chopsticks are painted well and look great. So why don't we recognize these as d├ęcor item? In my collection I have some several well hand pained chopsticks. I put them in a showcase box so that visitors may give an attention to them. Again, many Asian women use chopsticks for hair bun. Have you tried this before using chopsticks?

Image Credit: takkhis

Cooking Chopsticks - Are you a cook?

Cooking chopsticks are longer than eating chopsticks. Wooden or bamboo chopsticks are as durable as steel chopsticks.

2 pairs Stainless Steel 12 3/4" Cooking Chopsticks - Light Weight & Long
2 pairs Stainless Steel 12 3/4" Cooking Chopsticks - Light Weight & Long

A fabulous cooking chopsticks set which is a pride of every Asian cook.


Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese Chopsticks Sets | Japanese Chopsticks History

It is really tough to introduce Japan in one word. In this country, I see many things to focus on like it has a great mountain called Mount Fuji, in spring this country becomes the most beautiful country in the world, this is where you see samurai, sushi and more. So can't we recognize Chopsticks as part of Japanese culture? Of course we can.

It is said that the first time it appeared in Japan around 500 AD. It was the time when Chinese culture was spreading to many countries. Earlier in Japan they were used only for religious ceremony. So they were precious things to Japanese people but later people used it for eating foods from bowl.

Japanese chopsticks come with many forms like some chopsticks are long; some are short (the average size). In general, Japanese chopsticks are short than Chinese ones. They are made of bamboo and lacquered wood only, also they are disposable and Eco friendly. In Japan, nearly about 85% of total chopsticks are made in Kyoto.

I am fascinated seeing Japanese chopsticks because of their size and the paintings. I always love cherry blossom, so whenever I see cherry flower on little chopsticks, my mind tells me to get that one. I love the way they are made, very well painted and crafted.

Image Credit:

Japanese Cherry Blossom Sakura Chopsticks - A nice Thank You Gift Idea

The artist did a great job here by crafting those little cherry flowers on the black wooden chopsticks. Well, if you are thinking about "Thank You" gift idea for someone then you can buy a beautiful Asian chopsticks set online or from local shop. It does make a great gift idea!

Happy Sales HSKS7/B, Japanese Travel Chopsticks with Case, Sakura Black
Happy Sales HSKS7/B, Japanese Travel Chopsticks with Case, Sakura Black

If you are searching for a gift for cherry blossom lover then this is going to be the best gift idea. These are lightweight and well crafted.


Beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Sakura Chopsticks Set Picture

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Useful Pages About Japanese Chopsticks

Get knowledge about Japanese chopsticks from the following links.

Have you ever bought chopsticks?

See results

Japanese Red-Crowned Crane Design Chopsticks Set

Have you ever heard of Japanese Red-Crowned Crane? If not then read about this graceful bird here. Many of you are fond of Asian culture, am I right? This red color chopsticks set is going to be a unique gift idea for Christmas.

Happy Sales HSKS1/R, Japanese Red Chopsticks Set with Case - Crane Design
Happy Sales HSKS1/R, Japanese Red Chopsticks Set with Case - Crane Design

If you like Japanese culture than Chinese culture then pick this chopsticks set. I am sure some of you are very impressed in Japanese culture.


Japanese Red-Crowned Crane Design Chopsticks Set Photo

Photo Credit:

Chinese Chopsticks

Chinese Chopsticks Sets | Chinese Chopsticks History

As China is the nation of chopsticks invention I guess most of you have seen Chinese people to have meal using chopsticks. They are very much familiar with this tableware. Traditionally China is a great nation for arts and culture. A lot of precious things had been invented from here. From China, chopsticks were spread out to Japan and Korea. Chopsticks are called as Kuai-Zi in China.

If you don't know the exact time when it was appeared then I want you to take look at the history part here in this article. It is obvious that in the past time Chinese people used to eat using hands but to be civilized they thought of making thing that would be useful for them. Yes, it was the chopstick! This one helped to abolished eating with hands tradition from China and started a new era of using chopsticks.

Chinese chopsticks have been recognized as valuable tableware, they look very pretty and handy. Basically, Chinese chopsticks are 9 to 10 inches long with blunt ends and rectangular in shape. As we know most of the big cities around the world has China Town. If you go there you will see their culture and of course these amazing chopsticks.

There are some interesting things that need to be remembered by you when you hold chopsticks. Like, you can't make noise with these hitting the side of your bowl where your meal is served. Stay away from pointing it to others. I must tell you that, don't suck the end of the chopsticks, if you do so it will impolite. You should not insert these vertically into the bowls. Please remember these and enjoy your time!

Image Credit:

Oriental Chinese Wooden Chopsticks Set with Panda Design

Have you heard of Chinese New Year festival before? It comes once in a year, so buy this set as gifts for your friends, lover and co-workers.

Abakus Decorative Oriental Chinese Wooden Chopstick with Panda Design and Panda Design chopstick rests (Pack of 6) - (CS-05 US)
Abakus Decorative Oriental Chinese Wooden Chopstick with Panda Design and Panda Design chopstick rests (Pack of 6) - (CS-05 US)

Who does not like Panda! I am talking about the pandas who live in China. If you have a passion of collecting variety of chopsticks then get it and also present this set to a family.


Oriental Chinese Wooden Chopsticks Set Picture

Image Credit:

Chinese Dragon Porcelain Chopsticks

Chinese chopsticks are longer than Japanese ones. So there is difference, the core difference between these two. Make sure you feel comfortable when you hold a pair of Chinese chopsticks. However, this set is a prefect gift idea for dragon lovers.

Chinese Dragon Porcelain Chopsticks
Chinese Dragon Porcelain Chopsticks

Are you impressed in Chinese culture? If you are then I suggest you this chopsticks set. It is well crafted, durable and very attractive that comes in famous Chinese dragon design.


A Chinese New Year Gift Idea! Think about this chopsticks set before you celebrate your Chinese New Year Festival.

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Types of Chopsticks

Even though you see wooden and bamboo chopsticks there are other types such as plastic, stainless steel, plastic melamine.

I don't like plastic or steel chopsticks, the main reason is they seem to me not disposable and plastic chopsticks are harmful our environment.

I am an educated person and know which is good and bad for our environment. In this regard, I never ever have used non disposable chopsticks.

Here are the types given below:

1) Wooden

2) Bamboo

3) Plastic

4) Stainless Steel and

5) Melamine

Ryu Mei Yuzen Red Chopstick

Black and red colors make a perfect match and these chopsticks are beautiful only for that. In Japan, there are variety color of chopsticks. Sometimes, it is really hard to decide which one to choose and which color would be great. From my personal experience I prefer red and black color chopsticks, just like these ones.

JapanBargain S-3687, Japanese Plastic Travel Chopstick with Case, 22.5cm Yuzen
JapanBargain S-3687, Japanese Plastic Travel Chopstick with Case, 22.5cm Yuzen

This chopstick set comes from Japan. These are handmade and well crafted chopsticks. The proactive box is made of plastic and very good one for keeping these safe and clean.


Ryu Mei Yuzen Red Chopstick Picture

How to Make Chopsticks? - They are easy to make

Who wants to make a perfect pair of chopsticks? Want to take this challenge? If you say yes, don't wait anymore, just start your journey. Oh before you start please collect all the necessary tools and raw materials.

Chopsticks Set for Star Wars Fans - Kotobukiya Star Wars Darth Maul and Mace Windu Lightsaber Chopsticks

There are hundred millions fans of Star Wars all over the world. This classic movie series will always remain as classic even to our next generation. If some of your friends or family members are fan of this movie then theses chopsticks are for them as a gift.

Kotobukiya Star Wars Darth Maul and Mace Windu Lightsaber Chopsticks Picture

Image Credit:

Burnished Bamboo Chopstick Set with Holders - A gift for your friend

Asian bamboo chopsticks look great when they are burnished well. This one is going be a great gift ideas for J-pop and K-pop lovers.

Joyce Chen 90-1126, Burnished Bamboo Chopstick Set with Holders
Joyce Chen 90-1126, Burnished Bamboo Chopstick Set with Holders

These are wonderful in one word. The holders you see look very unique than usual chopsticks holder. These are well burnished and a single chopstick is 9 inches long.


Burnished Bamboo Chopstick Set Picture

Image Credit:

Korean Chopsticks - Korean Chopsticks Sets for Sale

1) Korean chopsticks are lightweight and made of real iron or steel

2) Length is medium

3) Could not be crafted with paint just like bamboo and woden chopsticks

4) A bit slippery to hold but still they are great

5) Metal but still look pretty and nice

Korean Stainless Steel Spoon and Chopsticks Set with a Ginseng Illustration. Good Quality. Red Paper Box. Perfect Gift.
Korean Stainless Steel Spoon and Chopsticks Set with a Ginseng Illustration. Good Quality. Red Paper Box. Perfect Gift.

I would suggest this set for birthday. If your friend has birthday then get it for him/her. Oh, don't forget for the one who loves Korean culture as well.


Stainless Steel Chopsticks, Korean Style

Image Credit:

Crane Design Wooden Chopsticks Set - A perfect chopsticks set for Birthday as a gift

This is an amazing chopsticks set for a group of family members. Hanami festival (Cherry blossom festival) will arrive soon, so if you wish to have noodles under sakura tree then get this for your family or present this as a gift for others.

Happy Sales 5 Piece Crane Chopstick Set with Rests MC, Assorted
Happy Sales 5 Piece Crane Chopstick Set with Rests MC, Assorted

Whether you use these at breakfast, lunch or dinner they will be shining your eating time.


Crane Chopstick Set with Rests Picutre

Image Credit:

Red Bamboo Chopsticks for Christmas

Chopsticks mean a lot to me. Every Asian will think so. Bamboo chopsticks in Japan is very famous than wooden and steel chopsticks. Generally they are lightweight and easy to grip and they provide you the perfect condition to have foods from bowl. Christmas is knocking at the door, if you want to surprise someone with a unique stuff then this is going to be the best one.

Happy Sales HSCH84/S,  Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set Crane Design, Scenery Red
Happy Sales HSCH84/S, Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set Crane Design, Scenery Red

These red bamboo chopsticks are not only nice but also a perfect gift for the one who wishes to have noodles. The design and painting here are awesome. Here you will see sakura (cherry blossoms) paintings on these chopsticks.


Red Bamboo Chopsticks Set Picture

Image Credit:

How to Hold Chopsticks with Hands?

What would you do if you see your friends are eating with chopsticks while you are afraid of holding them? I hope you won't have to face that problem anymore, I have the solution for you. There is a simple technique by which you can hold and eat with chopsticks. I would show you the easiest way of holding chopsticks. Here are the steps given below:

1) At first grab both chopsticks with your one hand (left or right hand)

2) In the second step, you are requested to line up the chopsticks with other end

3) This time, you have to be careful, just shift your hand to the exact position

4) Right now, put down a chopstick and hold only one like you hold a pen or pencil.

5) Just place other chopstick against the ring finger and hold it with the base of thumb.

6) Now, move your upper chopstick on with middle, thumb and index fingers.

7) Keep moving for a while and practice it over again and again until you properly use that

8) If everything is fine, just try to take food. Don't be hurry just!

Bamboo Chopsticks - Flowers & Leaves Design Chopsticks Set - Asian Marriage Anniversary Gift Idea

I always prefer floral design of things such as hand fans, bed cover, kitchen accessories and the chopsticks. Flower symbolizes for happiness, joys, celebration, friendships, forgiveness, caring and so on. During the time of marriage ceremony people usually prefer flowers, from this point of view I would suggest you to present this floral chopsticks set.

Happy Sales HSCH100/S, 5 Pairs Japanese Chopsticks Flower & Leaves Design
Happy Sales HSCH100/S, 5 Pairs Japanese Chopsticks Flower & Leaves Design

This beautiful set was made in Japan with bamboo. You know Japanese bamboo is famous!


Japanese Chopsticks Flower & Leaves Design Picture

Image Credit:

Japanese Lacquer Chopsticks Set - A nice gift idea for St. Patrick Day

Don't you think this chopsticks case is a great one for St. Patrick Day as gift? Make your holiday remarkable presenting these to someone.

Happy Sales HSKS3/B,  Japanese Lacquer Chopsticks w/ Travel case Grn/gold
Happy Sales HSKS3/B, Japanese Lacquer Chopsticks w/ Travel case Grn/gold

This one is inexpensive, you will be thrilled once you hold them.


Japanese Lacquer Chopsticks Picture

Wooden Chopsticks - Japanese Chopsticks Gift Set with a Rice Paddle

It is winter now, a great time to have a bowl of warm rice with chopsticks. I know how to cook rice but with the help of a rice cooker, it becomes so easier and it takes less time to finish cooking rice. At the time of eating I prefer short chopsticks.

Happy Sales HSCH70, Japanese Chopsticks Gift Set Rice Paddle Included, Natural
Happy Sales HSCH70, Japanese Chopsticks Gift Set Rice Paddle Included, Natural

Do you want to collect this beautiful set? Tell your beloved husband about this, he will understand and buy it for you.


Japanese Chopsticks Gift Set Picture

Image Credit:

Chopsticks Gift Ideas

An Asian chopsticks set is more than a precious gift to non Asian people. Some of my friends from United States like Asian gifts to get and collect. Last year in 2012, my girlfriend had presented a nice chopsticks set to her friend on birthday.

Chopscticks can be a great gift idea for Christmas, Birthday, New Year, Wedding, St. Patrick Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's day, Marriage Anniversary, Valentine's day, and Buddha Purnima. Yes, it is also a nice gift idea for mother and daughter. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend then you may think of this type of unique gift idea.

Before buying a chopsticks set you have to consider their size and color. A person would like to get green color of chopsticks on St. Patrick Day while red chopsticks perfectly fit for Christmas.

Image Credit:

How to make an Asian hair bun with a chopstick? - Learn it!

Well, watch these you tube videos and learn how to make an Asian hair bus with a lightweight chopstick. It is very easy to learn and have fun.

Japanese Geisha Chopsticks Gift Set

Happy Sales HSCH21/S, 5 Pairs Japanese Geisha Chopsticks Gift Set VD Color, Multicolor
Happy Sales HSCH21/S, 5 Pairs Japanese Geisha Chopsticks Gift Set VD Color, Multicolor

Quality: Good

Weight: Very lightweight

Length: About nine inch

Durability: Good and will last for many days.

Color: Green, Blue, Light Indigo, Yellow and Orange.


Japanese Geisha Chopsticks Gift Set Picture - Take a look at this one!

Image Credit:

Interesting Facts about Chopsticks

1) Don't stretch out with your index finger when you hold chopsticks.

2) When you are finished eating with these, just place them in front of you.

3) You can't move bowl with your chopsticks.

4) It is better not to poke at the every dish that you don't know what to take.

5) Never try to make sound by hitting bowl using the chopsticks.

6) Please, don't point it to others.

7) You can't insert them vertically into bowl or dishes.

8) And finally, please don't suck end of the chopsticks after eating.

Chopsticks for Kids and Beginners - Pororo Edison Training Chopsticks for Children

If you are a beginner or if you have kids at home to whom you want to teach then there are especial training chopsticks on the market.

In Asia, kids have to learn seeing their parents eating style with chopsticks but in some cases even they are provided useful guides they fail to hold chopsticks. Only a chopsticks set like this one can help them!

1 X Pororo Edison Training Chopsticks for Children
1 X Pororo Edison Training Chopsticks for Children

This is the special one for kids and beginners. It will be fun way to learn and able to grab chopsticks after practicing several times. Get this cute chopsticks for your little daughter or son since it is a perfect choice for them.


Pororo Edison Training Chopsticks for Children Picture

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I can't use them worth a darn, but I find some of the more ornate sets to be beautiful.

      Fascinating hub.

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      Hi, it's so interesting! Never imagined there is so many things to say about chopsticks. And I love your selection od them!

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      So beautiful, I love the black ones with the cherry blossoms. I never thought to use them for holding up a bun but wow, what a cool and fashionable idea! Love it.

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      Anna 3 years ago from chichester

      These are all so beautiful - I've never seen chopsticks like these!

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      I'm afraid I can't eat using chopsticks, although I have tried. I've only seen plain wooden ones and didn't know you could buy such beautiful colors and designs. Thanks for sharing the history and beauty of chopsticks with us!

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      beautiful works of art you show here! Very interesting!

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      I'm surprised at the variety of chopsticks. Interesting lens.

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      What a very beautiful selection!

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      Leah J. Hileman 4 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      Glad to learn more history of these. I use chopsticks in Asian restaurants and have brought a few pair home with me, but I have never purchased more decorative and durable chopsticks for my own home. I like learning some of the social rules about them.

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      sabaz 4 years ago

      Mama mia, spectacular ,an artistic collection !!

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      Interesting lens, little brother. My daughter love eating with chopsticks whenever we have Asian food. We have 2 pairs of wooden chopsticks, I think my sister-in-law bought it long time ago.

    • The One Stop Shop profile image

      The One Stop Shop 4 years ago

      A lot of great information present here and a lot of wonderful chopstick designs, thanks so much for sharing!

    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 4 years ago from Perth UK

      WOW! I love this lens and everything about it. I would love to make my own chopsticks, I would never buy plastic ones because I care about the environment too, i sometimes use them to hold up my hair, I love eating with them. Thank you for this wonderful lens. You deserves a purple star.

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      What a beautiful presentation and an unusual topic. Learned a slot from this lens and although I have used chopsticks since my teens I have not done it correctly. Great pics, beautiful designed instruments and the videos were also good. Well done and thank you for the information.

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      I love japanees food I like this lens a lot

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      fancy chopsticks!! I want some! :)

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      This was really interesting. I can use chopsticks but I never bought any. What a great history they have!

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      Chopsticks are great! Fun lens!

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    • sharonbellis profile image

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      Beautiful. I never thought of chopsticks as being artistic and they certainly are and could make great gifts. Thanks for showing them in a new light.