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Best Types of Glow in the Dark Paint

Updated on November 13, 2014

Glow in the Dark Paints

If you want to use glow in the dark stickers to decorate a room, but there isn't a pre-made glow in the dark sticker that appeals to you, you can always make your own custom ones using glow in the dark paint. You don not need to limit your creativity to stickers either; glow in the dark paints can be used to create many different phosphorescent objects.

There are various different types and colours of paint, including those that can be sprayed onto a surface from an aerosol and those that require applying with a brush. The ones being looked at here are those suitable for applying to surfaces, rather than skin or clothes, although some may work on fabric as well as other surfaces.

Some things you may want to look for when choosing a glow in the dark paint are the length of glow of the paint and whether it is clear or coloured.

Handy Art by Rock Paint 881-158, 2-Ounce Glow in the Dark Acrylic Paint, 6 color Set

This selection of non-toxic paints can be applied using a paint brush to create detailed customised designs.

This set of glow in the dark paints comes in six colours each in a 2 ounce pot; clear, red, orange, yellow, green and blue. The paint can be applied to multiple surfaces - canvas, fabric, cardboard, paper, wood and glass - and is water resistant and flexible when dry.

DecoArt DS50-10 Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, 4-Ounce

Using this paint pot you can mark the light switches in a child's bedroom so they can be found in the dark, or make your own custom decorations. The paint can be applied with a brush.

This paint can be mixed with other acrylic paints of a lighter colour appropriate to the surface being painted, or can be used alone. It can be applied to many different materials such as walls, paper, plastic, wood, fabric, Styrofoam, ceramic bisque and even candles and pumpkins.

Rust-Oleum 214945 Glow in the Dark 7-Ounce, Glow In The Dark

Rust-Oleum's latex glow in the dark paint quickly dries and can be easily cleaned from tools using only soap and water.

This indoor paint can be applied to wood, plaster, masonry, metal and unglazed ceramic, making it ideal for decorating furniture and walls.

Krylon K03150 Glowz Aerosol Spray Paint, 6-Ounce, Glow-In-The-Dark

Using a stencil with this spray can of glow in the dark paint means that you can create interesting designs by simply spraying through the stencil.

The spray can makes this paint easy to apply to larger or irregular surfaces such as bikes to improve visibility at night. It can be sprayed on many different types of surface in and around the house.

Assorted Glow in the Dark Paints

This set of waterproof, flame retardent and non-toxic paint can be used to highlight existing glow in the dark stars, or for safety marking around the home.

This paint is "invisible" during the day but glows in the dark. The 1/2 ounce pots come in seven different colours; lilac, blue, green, aqua, red, orange and white.

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