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Canon Ae-1

Updated on May 15, 2022
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10-1-10. Woke up 6:30 made the coffee, rode the bike to microbiology. it's getting too cold in the morning to ride the bike. sat in derring hall for an hour and waited to start physics lab. the lab is not so bad it is just time consuming and way too early to do math. came back home laid back in bed read some online photography stuff then went to the small photography shop near college avenue. that place is pretty cool. i wanted to learn how to use my old canon ae-1. When i walked in the store initially an older woman with a big goofy head of long hair and tiny eyes told me hello. i told her i had the old camera and was hoping she could show me how to use it and what the different settings were for. she said, i don't know a thang bout camers. i said ok. john in the back there can help ya. the owner told me how to use my camera and showed me everything i needed to know. there are basically piles of camera equipment everywhere, i watched him dig through old cameras until he matched my model with the right model lens. he sold me the lens, an old used strap, 3 rolls of film, two for night time exposure and one for daylight, an old kalimar bag, and a new battery. he says its better to have your film developed here rather than walmart bc there is more care put into the process and with the same price. so check out his shop if your looking for some photo stuff. i drove out to caldwell fields to take a look around. its farther down past the shooting range than i thought. its just a small fenced in parking area looking across a field right in front of the mountains. thought about heidi childs and david metzler. thought the area was really pretty. then drove a little ways more saw mountain rd and took that route to mountain lake tried to find wind rock but turned around after a took a wrong road that took me to a biological plant research area. went to the mtn lake info store and found emily asked her about wind rock and about safe places to set up a telescope. she told me i could set up right in the mtn lake field. so i finally found a safe place with little light pollution. on the drive back down from mtn lake took some really great pictures and used a whole role of film taken of various places. the sun was low in the sky so i got some good sunset. i sort of wish i could drive around everyday taking pictures. without any real objective or responsiblilty other than capturing different light.

i received all the new lenses for the telecope but not as happy as i hoped. there is still too much light pollution around here. i think that the clarity will be better when i head out to mtn lake. i really want to wait for a full moon again and start taking some night time exposures. witht the 6mm lens i was able to see some really great constellations from my back porch. i don't know there names or what the hell exactly i was doing but it was fullfilling. hopefully i can get a skyscout and cheat. the skyscout tells you the name of everything you point it at. also need a motor drive because just when veiwing jupitor tonight witht the 6mm lens the earths is moving too fast to keep jupitor up close and in focus for man than 30 seconds.


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