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Clark Little Surf Photography

Updated on January 11, 2016

Clark Little Surf Photography

 Clark Little Surf Photography
Clark Little Surf Photography | Source

Clark Little Surf Wave Photography Video

Clark Little Photography

Clark Little is a big name is surfing photography, just look at some of his work on I am a photographer that use to photograph surfing at the beaches in California, Hawaii,and most of the time in South Texas at North Padre Island and Mustang Island just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas . I remember a guy's name that use to come up and his name is Clark Little, he is a world class Photographer ,and photographs surf waves. Yes Surf Waves , his pictures as the one from his website I have displayed are miraculous in structure and light with feeling one's depth of the power of the Ocean waves breaking when they hit close into the shore. This man, Clark Little was born in Napa, California in 1968 , then at about two years old his family moved to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.When he was growing up he surfed at some of the top places in the world , and became a icon at the Waimea Bay shore break in Hawaii. The times and trials went by and he married and in 2007 his wife asked for a photo of some of his wave shots to adorn one of their rooms in the house they lived in, since that time he has devoted his time to becoming one of the most sought after photographer's for surf waves. This was astounding to me as a photographer because I also had and still have a passion for the almighty Ocean and her waves she produces for us to calm out nerves with it's endless streams of sound .

Since 2007 he has gained National and International exposure to wavesurf photographyshot mostly at the North Shore shore break.I have been to this place and to even be able to stand in one place is hard enough with the force of the waves and the drawback of the tides are extremely strong ,not to mention the razor sharp lava rocks under your feet making every move you make a near mistake.A Wave photographer that shoots incredible shots while these four and five story wave breaks over his head and he is photographing the action. It would be an honor to meet this man that is about my age and has made it to the top shooting photographs of the very objects I love, the ocean waves.

Clerk Little has been on television talk shows as , Good Morning America, Inside Edition , ABC World News Now and several others discussing his photography , and with of course he has appeared in Surfer's Journal,Surfer's Path and other magazines that deal with the surf waves.November2009 Clark Little published his first book,called ,"TheShorebreak Art of Clark Little", and I saw this book and the magnitude of the art of the surf waves he had caught on his camera are too magnificent to describe, I suggest if your interest is in photography or art to get a copy of this book and your jaw will open wide from the spectacular shots this man has taken.Unfortunately Amazon does not carry his book , I had to buy mine from Clark's Web Page listed below.

I decided to write about Clark Little because not many people seem to know whom he is and how big he is as a photographer, his work this year will be on exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.I have no dates available as of this posting but I will try to stay on top of this, and pursue myself a trip to see this spectacular art of waves he has demonstrated in the Internet. Please run a search on his images or Clark Little himself, he has some once in a lifetime shots that will have you in awe over his work.

Im reading his bio the writers say that after several water housings, and camera's his office is located in the Ocean, well this seems to be a true statement. One can purchase his book right here from Amazon, or go to his web page and buy the book there, either way get your copy of this book, you will never look at a surf wave in the same manner as you might of. For your information only the picture I have in this article is Clark Little's photo that I used for this article from his web page , so please do not take and copy . Thank You The Book I have Listed up with Amazon is another fine photographer of waves, check it out, very beautiful book.

Christopher Hyer 2.16.2011


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    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      These are striking photographs! Thanks for sharing a little known photographer with us. Apparently, I didn't know photography was so specialized. I voted this up and beautiful.