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  1. El-Said profile image60
    El-Saidposted 9 years ago


    Fly the air,
    Cross oceans,
    Climb mountains,
    Cross bridges,
    Kiss the sky,
    Be a star,
    Protect a home,
    And be a patriot.


    Grasses grow,
    Cattle grace,
    Travellers depart,
    Strangers long,
    Beast abound,
    Oh my home,
    Africa my home.


    The echo of death,
    That knocks at every one's door,
    Which the victim must open,
    Reluctantly aware of the long awaited visitor,

    For he with doorless door,
    Shall one day welcome the generous guest,
    Who will keep the restless heart at ease,
    And set it at His will to the most silent arena,
    Where every class take refuge.

    The sophisticated doors,
    Locked iron windows,
    Sky high fence,
    And guards in arms to save intrusion,
    Into the luxuries on earth
    Thinking to defy death,
    Can death be defied?

    Death knows no barear,
    Hiden life may behind guards,
    Yet every soul must taste it,
    The bitter taste of death,
    And all shall mankind of dust decent,
    dwell under the dust to lie,

    What ever one does on earth,
    Oh death,
    For we await our departure,
    While on the rail of time,
    To take us to our destination,
    Where we remain till the doomsday.

    My Musa Muhammad Elsaid

    1. Elenoa profile image49
      Elenoaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      MY LIFE
      I lived in this wrld of Darkness n fear
      Never knowing death might b far or near
      I walk in dark and lonely road
      I feel like Iam craying a heavy load

      When I traveld sooo far the highway gets rough
      In my life I make a desision that tough
      Life seems soo unfair
      Every body is not there
      No1 cares

      1. nikki1 profile image57
        nikki1posted 9 years agoin reply to this

        wow.. somewhat sad..sad
        Nice peom..
        Love ur flowr..
        Ur friend,

    2. nikki1 profile image57
      nikki1posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Wow.. thats so cool.. u r talented..'
      ur friend, nikki1

  2. greathub profile image71
    greathubposted 9 years ago

    Simple and cool!

  3. needful things profile image78
    needful thingsposted 9 years ago

    Quite mystical...

  4. britneydavidson profile image55
    britneydavidsonposted 9 years ago

    wow....really cool....i salute to your thoughts and creativity,,,,,really really nice one,,,
    thatnx for sharing

  5. KellyB09 profile image57
    KellyB09posted 9 years ago

    Love Lost
    Tears that welled in my eyes
    Refused to fall to their final resting place
    The pain of a broken heart
    An inaudible cry
    Darkness consumed my thoughts
    Where the light of your love used to be
    Only grief and pain now dwell
    I can't see past the agony
    I don't want to feel the release
    Of a heart that's free of you
    Can you fault a heart that loves
    Can you turn your back on one that
    At one time completed you
    My heart's fate is sorer
    Than the taste of untimely death
    As you rest your head
    Dreaming of someone other
    The tears in my eyes refuse me slumber
    The morbid aching haunts me most
    Like the wailing of an unrelenting ghost

    In Your Dreams
    When you sleep it's a whisper
    That plagues your mind
    The feeling of someone sitting behind
    The sound of a voice quietly
    Beckoning you while you dream
    The ghostly illusion of a body near
    Tracing your form crystal clear
    Drowsing you deeper into sleep
    Like the sweetness of a lullaby
    As you peacefully dream
    Making you feel as though I'm near
    When you wake, I disappear
    If only in your dreams we can together be
    Then I long for the night to wash over me

  6. nikki1 profile image57
    nikki1posted 9 years ago

            Rose are red
          Violets are blue
    its nice to know someone like u
      when the storms wind blow
             water will flow
        lighting will with its frit
            deep into the nit
    you know the grass and bushes and trez
    will be green and the wind will flow like a breez
             the sun will shin
          making the day devin



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