Reds coach

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    ralphlauren088posted 4 years ago

    In some quarters, the tactical alterations under the new regime have been overstated, to be sure. All the indications are that Guardiola will stick with Bayern's basic post-2009 blueprint of a possession-based, attacking side with two attacking full-backs, a three-man central midfield, two wingers and one – or no – central forwards. But even relatively subtle tweaks, such as his preference for one holding midfielder instead of two and his toying with the strikerless formation that worked so devastatingly well for his Barça can have wide-reaching consequences in a squad as finely tuned as Bayern's.

    The former Reds coach Ottmar Hitzfeld once said that Bayern were "a sensitive construct, like a Ferrari motor – every small thing has to be correct". And he wasn't only referring to on-the-pitch matters. At Bayern, a club where disgruntled players can always find a sympathetic journalist's microphone to voice their grievances, maintaining a psychological equilibrium is probably even more important than striking the right balance between attack and defence.