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Can someone learn photography only by online materials?

  1. Vishaaa profile image77
    Vishaaaposted 7 years ago

    Can someone learn photography only by online materials?

    Photography is a practical learning. I have seen so many online classes conducted for photography. Learning only with those materials will help without practical sessions? I can't just agree with this concept but the same time can't disagree also.Because We learn cooking via online(I can't compare photography with cooking though). Anybody has the clear answer?

  2. LuisEGonzalez profile image87
    LuisEGonzalezposted 7 years ago

    No you cannot only depend on one source of instruction. Like cooking, learn the rules, directions, ingredients etc..but then you must apply  what you have learned.

    You should take advantage of online resources, but at some point you have to get out there and take photos, practice setting,f-stops, shutter speeds, film speeds, various lenses, atmospheric conditions etc...

  3. jia6bei6 profile image57
    jia6bei6posted 7 years ago

    online materials are very useful but practice is more important.
    online materials just help you find the short way to get the goal.
    it help you understand and improve quickly
    the classes are tell you the tips which they cost a lot of time to find
    but if you just know the tips and do not know how to use the tips is totally not enough

  4. MickS profile image72
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    No; you can read about it and get tips, the only way to learn is by doing and remembering.  Preferably with film, and with auto turned off, becaus knowing that you can't take 29 photos and delete all but the one that you got good by chance, concentrates the mind.

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