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Im crocheting a afhgain I hve 4 rows done and it is bowing in shape why

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    oldtad2534posted 7 years ago

    Im crocheting a afhgain I hve 4 rows done and it is bowing in shape why

    my afghain id bowing out of shape

  2. Mr.NGR profile image60
    Mr.NGRposted 7 years ago

    Your pulling a part of it too tightly probably the ends. I don't crochet but my wife and daughters do.

  3. wychic profile image88
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Is the "inner part" of the bow, or the shorter part, the starting row? It's really, really easy to accidentally pull the original chain too tight, or for rows to get a little looser when you get past the chain. If you started by weaving in a tail that's several inches long (always a good idea) then you should be able to bring that back out and work a little slack back into the base row.

  4. scoobydeb profile image75
    scoobydebposted 7 years ago

    By bowing in shape, do you mean it's starting to look like a collar?

    I might have done this when I first started crocheting, only mine was a dishcloth. lol

    It was due to the fact that I wasn't crocheting with the same tension on the the yarn throughout. I started off really loose, then as I crocheted along, my stitches got tighter.

    With practice, you'll get it right! Good luck!

  5. Crochetliens profile image73
    Crochetliensposted 6 years ago

    There are a couple of reasons.  If it is looking like a U then your chain is looser than the stitches.  You might want to use a smaller hook for the chain.  If a Rainbow shape your chain might be to tight and you want to use a larger hook for the chain and than just go a size up for the stitches.  If you only go through one loop on the chain instead of 2 your also at a higher risk of it bowing.  Hope this helps.