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What is your first impression of this painting?

  1. ananceleste profile image75
    anancelesteposted 5 years ago

    What is your first impression of this painting?

    What is the message that is trying to convey?


  2. coffeegginmyrice profile image83
    coffeegginmyriceposted 5 years ago

    1) There is danger to clowning around if one is not cautious about it.
    2) FLEXIBILITY (both characters in this painting are flexible): Improves performance, relaxes the mind and body, quick reflexes, alertness.
    Sorry, I can't think of just one answer. smile

  3. cappskat profile image59
    cappskatposted 5 years ago

    My first impression of this painting, was that it is very colorful and bright. I think that the message it may try to be conveing is a balance between logical sense and "clowning around."

  4. 4wardthinker profile image79
    4wardthinkerposted 5 years ago

    I think it is an interpretation of "Thinking out of the Box". The character standing is limited by his creativity and therefore is blocked by the wall. If he opened his mind to other possibilities, he has the ability to move around at his own will and create new ideas or opportunities.

  5. thoughtfulgirl2 profile image92
    thoughtfulgirl2posted 5 years ago

    Life can be quite the balancing act and quite colorful; I'm not sure what the wooden figure in the background represents.  Maybe it also means don't just approach a situation one way; approach it from all angles:)  If you don't approach a problem with an open mind, you may be stuck with just one option.

  6. Bridget30 profile image61
    Bridget30posted 5 years ago

    I believe the man, nude, is in a vulnerable state, allowing all to be seen. His pain shows, yet his smile is authentic; while the clown , "appears to hold the key to happiness", one can only assume, this may be a cloak over true pain!