What is ART?

  1. Sharda Sriram profile image72
    Sharda Sriramposted 5 years ago

    What is ART?

    What I feel, art is beauty and beauty is God. Art not only means to entertain others but it is meditation too. When an artist draws paintings, for his self-satisfaction, he or she forgets what's in surroundings. They will be lost in the meditation of beauty. Artdoes not present the outer beauty but it speaks about te nature too. It is necessary to know about ever aspect of art to enjoy it fully. Art is a mental satisfaction for a lover of art.

  2. NidoNyte profile image60
    NidoNyteposted 5 years ago

    Art, to me, is the endeavor of a human being to create something that's purpose is to create a unique perspective on something someone didn't have before.

  3. ahmed.b profile image77
    ahmed.bposted 5 years ago

    Art is and can involve a wide range activities, skills and philosphies to creat or say something unique for self satisfaction and which also attacts a large amount of other peole as well.