Ars Poeticia

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    bitvposted 10 years ago

    *Every soul hath a voice..*


    And,I -keeper of scribe,
    Remember the youth entailed,
    Merge the mosaic of thought,
    To glee slightly.
    Coffee,bathed still water
    Mirrors my image amongst
    The eyes,azuretine..
    And grandmother paints her artist line,
    In the form of composition here.
    What beauty becomes,
    A marvel of existing itself,
    The city awaits its soft encrypted nomad,
    Of forget the unforgotten,
    And reveal the hearts trace,
    Before leaving the pondered..still.



    Sojourn,leave the footprint,
    Night under the guise of path,
    Rendering the collage of space,
    Where graffitti is mere flowers,
    Cloaked open for the sight.

    O',the city gives breath,
    To a life unhurt and strength,
    In the hands of misfortunes' strangers,
    Clasping amid the majestic debris marsh. 

    O,the city knows us not,
    But holds our characters valor,
    In the nobleness etched in face.
    Who one is,
    Has been born the poverty,
    And the struggles of a namesake's Father.

    Sojourn,leave the journey
    Evening amid the uncloaked street,
    Collapsing city light as shadows of time,
    Where we dream to befall,
    The essence of our own worth.


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    OliverXposted 10 years ago

    Strong imagery and excellent word-choice.  Great to read intelligent ruminations, elegantly rendered.  Keep inspiring us.