Corel Draw 9 works here not there

  1. ratchet522 profile image61
    ratchet522posted 2 years ago

    Corel Draw 9 works here not there

    When I run Corel Draw 9 on my new computer, it displays an error message similar to "An unexpected error has occurred. ... [OK]."  At this point, I have to quit the program because the message comes up repeatedly (often many times in a row until it stops).  I can duplicate the message by drawing anything with the "Artistic media tool".  I can also duplicate it by, after starting the program and selecting "new graphic", I click File->New

    On our old computer, however, there is no problem.  It runs fine.  Our old computer is a p2-300 with 128mb RAM and Windows 9

  2. liquidathor profile image59
    liquidathorposted 24 months ago

    Short guide from Autodesk or other variants might be see and learn below CDR Open File Tool – solution for hopelessly crashed .cdr images, uses in case nothing works and helps

    Try the following:
    - rename the file to ".zip "
    - open the zip-file with Winzip or WinRar (these programs has  a repair-function for zip)
    - try to repair the file
    - then extract the riffdata.cdr from content-folder of zip-file and open this file in CorelDRAW
    These steps work for me.