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EndOfThisWorld -- A collaborative online novel

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    paika55posted 9 years ago

    Hey everybody out there,

    I wanted to let you know about a project to create a web-based, collaborative novel a few of my best friends and I are doing.

    It's called EndOfThisWorld, and, as the name suggests, it's a story about the world coming to an end. Through a voting and rating process, authors from around the world (amateurs & pros alike) can add their own touch, shaping the plot chapter-by-chapter.

    Here's how it works: The story is divided into 25 Chapters, and, further, each Chapter is divided into the so-called submission and voting periods. During the submission period, authors submit candidates for the current chapter. Then, in the voting period, people vote for the best one, which becomes incorporated in the novel. The process is then repeated for the next chapter.

    The content of the novel is entirely left to the authors. The only requirements are that the story begins with an ordinary event (in Chapter 1), and by Chapter 25 the world comes to an end. The objective is to create the avalanche-like story in between via the collaborative action of users of the web.

    We're currently in the voting period for Chapter 2, and I was hoping you'd be interested in checking out our project at http://www.endofthisworld.com!


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      SparklingJewelposted 9 years ago in reply to this

      so is this to be an "end of the world" unpleasant, vivid, horrific downfall kind of thing...or... things happen that may be bad for some, but in the long run end up bringing what really is better for everybody, sort of thing ???smile

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    makemoneyonlineposted 9 years ago

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    Change your webhosting service smile

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    sandra rinckposted 9 years ago

    Chapter One: Fredriqo

    It's all made clear to me know.  I once had a vision of a man of a beautiful place.  This place I like to call home.  I can't rememeber what happened, but something did. 

    They called him Fredriqo, no one really knew why we called him that, but it worked so.  He came out of no where, he had a candle in his left pocket.  Then someone called out ptts...Hey, hey you gad. 

    Fredriqo was startled, he thought he was alone, when he spoke the words back, the man said, no man, magog, gog.  Fredriqo jumped and said, "Oh my God!". 

    So, instantly, this man thought, oh my name must be God. 

    Fredriqo and God hit it off pretty well, they mingled in the forest, just long enough to work up an appitite, so God gave Fredriqo an apple and told him not to eat.  So Fredriqo was pretty damn mad at the moment being hungry and all, that he thought, "You know what, I am friggin hungry and I am gonna eat it anyways." 

    Then he thought, well I should give it to God first, it's only right.  But after the apple, God suddenly turned on him.  Fredriqo wept, "Oh Lord have mercy what have I done...what have I done?"

    So God told Fredriqo the truth, and he hated God for it, because he realized what he was.  Fredriqo was all sorts of bent, he took all the blame but couldn't live it down because he realized what a horrible thing he had just done.  God left him that day, and swore never to return until the debts get paid. 

    Fredriqo, didn't know what a debt was.  All he knew was that he had to make a choice.
    Angry about the choice he...

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    sandra rinckposted 9 years ago

    ...remembered what happend and suddenly became sullen.  He remember this girl her name was Hieziel.  She reminded him of emeralds againts a hazelnut tree.  Here bark was viscous and vile and gross, but what caught his attention was the thing he loved the most. 
    Her eyes were like emeralds, calling to his soul, they were priceless and beautiful and never get old. 

    As days drew on, his memories unfolded, he finally remembered his name.  Fredriqo that is, or at least I think?  He called out the the wild, "Fredriqo is here."  He tostered his noodle and looked for a leaf, when he called for some help, it was as though God was deceased. 

    All the leaves were dead and they hurt under his feet, so he reached for a branch and discoved there are thorns.  He grunted and scouled and sceamed out Oh God, but still there was no answer, she was gone. 

    His head was full of gashes, but there was something good to be found.  He found a nice green leaf sticking out of the ground.  When he pulled it up, a drop of his blood fell to the ground, and a whole new nature was everywhere to be found. 

    The sun became much brighter so he stayed low to the ground and fell asleep at pool side, when the sun was shining high.  When he woke up, his skin had changed from pale to red, and he thought it must have come from what happened to his head. 

    He touched his self for the fist time, and the pain scourged him like something he had never felt before.  So he ran around it pain then it started to rain.  The pellets were worse than the thorns againts his naked skin, so he grabbed a pile of leaves and covered himself.

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    sandra rinckposted 9 years ago

    and created sin. 

    Now to my knowledge as far as I can remember, Fredriqo was the guy who took all the blame.
    His heart was torn in infimay and famous just the same.  He called the road that lead towards the sun, the path to enlightenment, that path that lead home.  Fredriqo realized this long and hard journey, as soon as he thought it, his thought became time.  He searched in his mind for a way to abolish time, but the more he thought, the longer it took to put an end to this time.