Contest for Crafters!

  1. Laura Thykeson profile image72
    Laura Thykesonposted 7 years ago

    I have written a hub about holiday crafts, and decided to have a contest for the best suggestion and craft idea from other crafty crafters and artisans! The prize will be an item from my large stash of inventory from my online shop, Ice Originals Art and Vintage. I put my email address in the hub, along with all of the details for the contest. Happy crafting!

    1. candice5 profile image61
      candice5posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      KLaura How about a Huge Canvas, you paint it whatever colour, could be contemporary or antiquy, Get samples of fabric and cut into squares these are glued on with a heavy bonding glue, to these afix memorabhlia of the Holiday could be Menus of memorable meals, maybe Tickets to places that you visited, apply photos, pick wild flowers and add these after drying and pressing. Bits of lace could be added on the antique style canvas whereas bright things fronm the Scrapbook shop may be added to the Contemporary piece. once all laid out with a fine tip vivid pen. write captions, such as Coffee outside the promenade, or maybe "The night we dined Al Fresco. Bits of stick pebbles from the Beach even sand and shells. If you are artistic paint pieces of the canvas, adding to the impact.
      Amazing the memories that something like this can provoke, on a cold winter night. Also they look good as Artwork,

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    eugene90posted 7 years ago

    yes i did its called the holiday