My name is Larry Vennard. I am an Iron Sculptor.

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    Larry Vennardposted 9 years ago

    Some artist's use a pencil, others a paint brush.  I have discovered that a cutting torch and the welding rod are my artistic medium.  I always draw in soapstone all the shapes of a project that I need to weld.  This enables me to continue on, or finish up with a particular piece..  That is until I light my torch and turn the adjustment knobs, slowly controlling the mixture of gasses.  This produces the maximun cutting heat and velocity I judge by sight and sound to where it is as sharp as a knife.  This is where the torch after many, many years of practice becomes an extension of my inner self an has a mind of it's own and says "to hell with those scribbles, I'm going to do it my way." By some unknown power the torch is alway right.  The blasting oxygen that ignites the gas into a metal cutting creator of art has a way of leaving it's own mark.  I have always prided myself in the fact that my sculptures look as though they are life like and can breathe.  This is my explanation of where it all begins.  With my very magical, intellegent torch, I have been dubbed the, "Artist who uses a Welding Rod for his Paint Brush."

    P/S. To see a sample, visit my sculpture park Hub:
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