Do you know about Print-making?

  1. Kazechan profile image59
    Kazechanposted 7 years ago

    Well if you do not, then I suggest you go out and find out what is all about! What I can tell you so far is that it is an AMAZING way to make art! Best part is you get to carve into many materials and metals to create unique prints. All you have to do is get a copper metal sheet for print making, carve, spread some Print-making paint all over it, and then press it down onto a peice of paper, and PRESTO! You have a picture created from a carving you can either design yourself or combine from things you like to make an intresting peice of art. Something fun I learned is placing string onto my print to give it a nice edge!

    So tell me form, do you know any other type of print making or interesting ideas you've done or seen in a print making?

    1. Hestia DeVoto profile image61
      Hestia DeVotoposted 7 years ago

      I took a print-making class in college, and used all sorts of materials for the plates.  We never used copper as it's really too soft.  But I did etched steel, carved wood, linoleum, mixed media (gluing things onto plates) and more I'm sure I can't recall now.

      The thing I liked about the class was that we got to use a press for the actual printmaking part, where the plate and the paper got rolled between two huge rollers that squeezed it really tight to make the print.  The most subtle scratches on a metal plate will print with that much pressure.

      1. softsquatch profile image57
        softsquatchposted 7 years ago

        There are many types of printmaking, I'll go over a few below:

        Lithography- using stones that can be ground (or thin printing plates) you draw using a type of chaulk that is very greasy. Then using a couple of chemicals you remove the grease and block out the other areas, roll ink onto the slab and all the areas that were drawn in are now filled in with ink.

        Ingalio- this is the printing process you mentioned above where you carve into nickel plates then you drop the plate into acid where the lines are eaten down. Then you roll ink over the plate and the ink will fill these grooves and you print from there.

        Woodcut/ Linocuts- Carve your image into a block of wood or Linoleum and roll up!

        Screenprinting/ Gocco printing- image is burned onto a screen then ink is pulled over the screen onto the paper/fabric underneath and there you go!