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    Dublin Contemporary 2011
    6th September to 31st October 2011, Preview 5th September 2011.
    Terrible Beauty: Art, Crisis, Change & The Office of Non-Compliance
    The title and theme of Dublin Contemporary 2011 is Terrible Beauty—Art, Crisis, Change & The Office of Non-Compliance. Taken from William Butler Yeats’ famous poem “Easter, 1916”, the exhibition’s title borrows from the Irish writer’s seminal response to turn-of-the-century political events to site art’s underused potential for commenting symbolically on the world’s societal, cultural and economic triumphs and ills. The second part of the exhibition’s title underscores Dublin Contemporary 2011’s emphasis on art that captures the spirit of the present time, while introducing the exhibition’s chief organizational engine: The Office of Non-Compliance. Headed up by Dublin Contemporary 2011 lead curators Jota Castro (artist/curator) and Christian Viveros-Fauné (critic/curator), The Office of Non-Compliance will function as a collaborative agency within Dublin Contemporary 2011, establishing creative solutions for real or symbolic problems that stretch the bounds of conventional art experience.
    The Office of Non-Compliance, located within the Earlsfort Terrace exhibition site, will function as a promoter of ideas around a laundry list of non-conformist art proposals. The Office’s practice will be fuelled by the idea that not only has the world been transformed in the last few decades, the very concept of change itself has changed utterly. This element of the exhibition looks to highlight less conventional, largely artist-led models of art discourse, production and presentation. The Office of Non-Compliance will include ad-hoc, accessible structures for discourse around art and its place in society, such as a Bank of Problems, a Bank of Possibilities, One Problem a Week and a curated forum exploring one topical problem per week.
    There are two further intriguing spaces within the Earlsfort Terrace complex: the serene Iveagh Gardens and the light-filled Annex, both adjacent to the main exhibition site. The former will function as an outdoor sculpture garden, while the latter will bring together a multiplicity of sound works under the title All Together Now.
    Extending its reach across the city, Dublin Contemporary 2011 will partner with four important Dublin galleries:  The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, The National Gallery of Ireland and The Royal Hibernian Academy.
    Earlsfort Terrace
    A stunning and historic venue, artists and visitors to the Earlsfort Terrace exhibition can expect a truly unique exhibition in resonant surroundings. Visitors can also expect to enjoy a sculpture park in the Iveagh Gardens and a spectacular series of sound works in an annex warehouse adjacent to the Earlsfort Terrace exhibition site.
    Earlsfort Terrace Opening Times:
    Mon - Wed 11am - 7.00pm
    Thurs - Fri 11am - 9.00pm
    Sat - Sun 11am - 8.00pm
    For details on how to get to Earlsfort Terrace and the adjoining Iveagh Gardens, please click below to be redirected to
    Plan Your Visit: Getting Here and Getting Around
    City as a Gallery
    Dublin Contemporary also reaches out to encompass the city’s lively public realm. By bringing art directly into Dublin’s public paved and green spaces, Dublin Contemporary 2011 fulfills a promise to bring art directly to people of every walk of life. Through sculpture, installations, interventions and the creative use of public signage, the exhibition seeks to engage the city and its inhabitants via accessible, sometimes enigmatic, always thought-provoking works. Participating artists include Alexandre Arrechea, Graham Dolphin, Ludovica Carbotta, S. Mark Gubb and Matthias Schweizer.
    The Douglas Hyde Gallery
    The Douglas Hyde Gallery, founded in 1978, is an independent organisation located within Trinity College. The Gallery’s exhibition programme includes shows by major contemporary international artists as well as by emerging Irish artists, and occasionally exhibitions of ethnographic and craft artefacts.
    For Dublin Contemporary 2011, the Douglas Hyde Gallery has initiated an exhibition by American painter Alice Neel, comprising portraits of the artist’s family.
    All are welcome, admission free.
    Trinity College
    Dublin 2
    Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
    Located in Dublin’s city centre, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, originally called The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, houses one of Ireland’s foremost collections of modern and contemporary art.
    For Dublin Contemporary 2011 Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane will present a retrospective of the work of renowned Irish artist Willie Doherty.
    Charlemont House, Parnell Square North
    Dublin 1, Ireland
    National Gallery of Ireland
    The National Gallery holds the national collection of European and Irish fine art.
    As part of Dublin Contemporary 2011 the National Gallery of Ireland will host works by a number of international artists as well as a new commission by the distinguished Irish artist Brian O’Doherty.
    Merrion Square West,
    Dublin 2,
    The Royal Hibernian Academy
    The Royal Hibernian Academy originated when artists from the Society of Artists in Ireland petitioned the then Viceroy, Earl Talbot, in the late 1700s for the opportunity to exhibit their works annually.
    Today the RHA is an artist-led organisation, a 32-county body with charitable status. Its core remit is to support contemporary art and artists in Ireland through exhibition, education and advocacy.
    As part of Dublin Contemporary 2011 the Royal Hibernian Academy will host an exhibition of works by American painter Lisa Yuskavage as well as a new commission by Irish artist James Coleman.

    Gallagher Gallery
    15 Ely Place, Dublin 2, Ireland
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