Screaming to Escape Limits

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    ahpoeticposted 9 years ago

    Wings of Flight 11/28/08 2:24PM

    I've got wings at will taking me swiftly aflight.
    My wings lift me above and take me beyond walls.
    These wings transport me over barriers and time.
    My wings transport me passed skin colors, different
    races, ethnic groups, languages and cultures.
    They allow me to truly touch heavens and tunnel
    below the surface of terrestrial coverings everywhere.
    But also, they can be tucked away so that my feet can
    trod the earth as I view what surrounds me.
    Imagination, acceptance, travel and knowledge are my
    virtual wings of reality to scale unimaginable and
    imaginable heights and depths to live life fully
    aware of the magnificence of God's creation.
    Wings take me anywhere I can imagine and propel daily
    to discover life in its most varied irridescent forms
    and untranscendent beauty emanating from all that lives
    that desires to display the beauty within to produce
    peace and harmony that resounds to the ends of the
    universe. Wings of flight can be everyone’s portal to
    live communely with all that breathes and thrives just
    to share this earth in love that allows all to live
    and to be.
    Do you have wings of flight to reality's freedom of life
    to display, thrive in its realness of being whatever it is?
    Are your feet chained with indifference and hate to strive
    with differences that are really exhibitions of life's
    forms, different from one to the other and more. Various
    people are an expression of life in its many innumerable
    revealations to eyes and minds that want to see and explore
    what is destined to be and thrive and to expand to explode
    with vividness and multifarious dissapation of real.
    Dive into the ocean of life and stroke with your wings and
    see and be and do and give and hope and accept and tell
    and share and receive or else you'll find out too late as
    you're cast into the unabyss of raging reality that flails
    without doing so with flames of unregret, unabated by time
    cast aside never to be realized ever as you scream and cry
    nashing and groping and bellowing out for no ears and heart
    to respond as you did also to. 11/28/08 2:31PM

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    ahpoeticposted 9 years ago

    Hallowed Moon 11/28/08 3:15PM

    The unscreams that horrify your mind's ears penetrate
    one's being and envelop the heart as it whooshes
    through untoward the precious life within expressed
    without are evoked by hallowed moon beams emanating
    downward and everywhere shimmering for onlookers to
    view with their wants and expectations sleeveward, but
    denied always and ever to through blinking feelings
    wavering and hidden for none to know of, yet days
    gone by have crypted the words and thoughts untold.
    As the moon dances without doing so, it unwaves and
    uncalls to every ear and eye and mind daring to
    venture a heeding at its glow and awesome sight at
    its site fathomed high above many but below something.
    Upon a clear view above cloud's reach shimmering moon
    beams hallowed by its being are.

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    ahpoeticposted 9 years ago

    Death the Vulture 5/28/04

                                                     Death is everywhere
                                                        within to without,
                                                          no exceptions.
                                                    As a venomous vulture
                                                       gorging unsatisfied,
                                                     its reflection images a
                                                        beautiful woman
                                                    inspiring insatiable need
                                                    to engulf all her charms;
                                                    to devour her over again
                                                       and so much more.
                                                 In the darkest, deepest abyss;
                                              on the loftiest precipice enveloped
                                                  by the searingest place, even
                                         the coldest domain won't shiver icy death!
                                                        No amount of riches,
                                                   no rank, no man or woman
                                                    mattering in age or beauty
                                                  or repulsiveness can render
                                                         death at bay to stay.
                                                          All lie slient at the ....