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Handmade Halloween

Updated on November 15, 2015

When I was growing up in the 1970s we loved creating our own spooky Halloween paper crafts...we cut out orange construction paper pumpkins and pasted on black construction paper triangles, we made tissue paper ghosts to hang on fishing line, used Mod Podge with colorful leaves and we dressed an occasional scarecrow. But what we didn't do is create these whimsical, glittered Halloween creations from the mind of Stephen Brown. I was drawn to Glitterville's Handmade Halloween because I'm a big fan of Glitterville giftware and home d├ęcor items.

I bought this Halloween craft book last October and it has become one of my favorite crafting books. The craft projects aren't for children but with supervision you could certainly work together on some of the easier projects including the paper hats, place holders, trick or treat pail and Halloween nut cups. The book is colorful, beautiful, easy to read and if you're an experienced crafter easy to follow directions. Author Stephen Brown believes in using easy to find crafting supplies so most of the crafts include similar "ingredients" including paper clay, glue, gesso, cardboard, paint, floral wire and tape and of course GLITTER! You should already have the basics in your crafting kit...think scissors, paper punch, hot glue gun, paint brushes etc.

These crafty Halloween projects include: A pumpkin headed lumberjack with a striped candy corn ax, Wacky Willie Webber Spider Puppet, Halloween Candy Garland, Chenille Pumpkin, Wicked Witch Party hat and more all decked out with bling and glitter!

The only problem I had was deciding which Halloween project to tackle first! Start early because I think you'll find once you start you will want to fill your house with these colorful Halloween creative crafts. It's more fun when you involve friends and set up a crafting day. We changed our annual pumpkin carving day into a Halloween crafting event.

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